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The former Oxford, now a north african theme bar

323 King Street,

(02) 9519 1511
(02) 9516 5311

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lee from dulwich hill
many opinions on this hotel. the bad ones obviously reflect the losers writing them. do something a little more constructive and get pissed elsewhere. Zanzibar is the nicest and most unique pub in newtown. dont bother looking at others. you wont be let down. have a cocktail and chill. watch the staff do thie tricks behind the bar. it doesnt get any better than this
18 Nov 2004

ewa from darlinghurst
i am a writer and go to lots of venues. zanzibar was the place for me.lots of style unlike the rest
18 Nov 2004

ray from queensland
love zanzibar. it rocks. great service,great cocktails,great atmosphere. beats the rest hands down
18 Nov 2004

kristy from newtown
best hotel in the area. Welcomed by management. found her to be friendly. complementary drinks all around. my friends thought it was great. top venue. woulnt go anywhere else
17 Nov 2004

jess from newtown
stumbled across this trendy little bar. was a nice change from the ferrils up the road. I will be back
17 Nov 2004

new to nwtown from newtown
first time at zanzi not long ago. had a ball. leaves other pubs for dead. excellent service and cocktails made by professionals. A very well run pus. they seem to have their shit together unlike the rest of the undersirables
17 Nov 2004

Chris from New York
LEARN HOW TO MAKE COCKTAILS LOSERS , People take my advise half price cocktails dont mean putting in half the amount of alchol, youre getting RIPPED OFF. "LOSERS PUB RUN BY LOSERS"
15 Jun 2004

Reuben from Newtown
It's been said before but must be reitorated....don't go here! If you find yourself in the Zanzibar then you must leave immediately! Once the nasty broken-English speaking bouncers have tried try not to let you in you are greeted by an offensive & cheap garish orange decor and a poorly placed pool table. The vibe is non-existent, the patrons are a) looking to get smashed, b) looking for a fight, c) looking to get smashed and looking for a fight and the bar staff don't know each others names. Upstairs they've tried to go all Moroccan or something indistinguishable and sadly they've failed miserably. You'll find better atmospheres at funerals, bad vibe alround. Evil Evil Evil...
28 Apr 2004

Brad from Melb
Pato have you been here?
29 Mar 2004

Jo from Newtown
Lots of diff opinions on this bar. I am a local and Zanzibar is my favorite bar. Forget about downstairs, it is loud and extremely smokey. Take the journey upstairs and you won't be disappointed. The lounge area is the go; it has a relaxing vibe with earthy colours and funky tunes in the air. The Tapas are wonderful. It a very easy way to spend an evening. I recommend a mid week visit, not as crowded
29 Mar 2004

Atrax from PubGuide staff
Adam from Gladesville - the stars at the top of this review are the popular vote. use the right-hand column of the site and you can influence that result.
17 Feb 2004

Adam from Gladesville
How on earth does this place have 4 stars at the top of this review. The atmosphere is awful, the service terrible, and the food expensive. I won't even mention the bouncers.
16 Feb 2004

Steve Shrumacca from New York
While walking along King street I decided to try out the zanzi bar cafe/ hotel. Oh my god, what a shit hole, I have been in pubs all over the world and I can only say one thing 'CHANGE THE COLOUR' what moron came up with bright orange the place is so bright it made me sick, After visiting this mismatch of furniture and colour I feel that someone was laughing at the idiot who did this layout or even more so at the person who payed for it, this could be a very trendy little hotel with a change to the colour scheme and to the furniture, my sugestion is get rid of that pool table and lose the high sitting you guys dont have a theme you have a mess, a very uninviting mess, and the colour well.............. upon leaving the zanzi bar I asked who the owner was............yould never have gussed it was a woman and that said it all. And I never did find the CAFE
9 Feb 2004

Hugh Jarms from Gymnasia
The new bouncers at this joint must have been to the Beaconsfield Hotel school of security.
27 Jan 2004

2001 from Erskineville
New Year's Resolution: For the remainder of 2004 I will not set foot inside the Zanzibar. Although the Jatz, cheese and cabanosi are tempting, it's just not worth it in the end.
27 Jan 2004

Package from Sydney
Haydo and Hugh: see you there at 11pm?
22 Jan 2004

chris from newtown
Not your usual 24hr dive. Great atmosphere, friendly locals, fantastic staff with to die for Tapas. Check upstairs lounge bar out and you won't be disapointed.
16 Jan 2004

Millsy from Melbourne
There is never enough Jatz for the cheese & cabana.
15 Jan 2004

Haydo from Tasmania
This place is shit!
15 Jan 2004

karen from castle hill
great atmosphere, cool decor,lots to offer.Friendly staff plus a cool tapas menu
10 Jan 2004

James from Erskineville
Used to be good before the fake Moroccan renovations. Overly zealous security. No longer a pub. Pity.
25 Nov 2003

Package from Sydney
Without doubt the seediest pub in the greater Newtown region (aka The Vortex). It's a sure sign that you're in more trouble then Ned Kelly when you're still at this place, listening to tunes when the sun is rising outside.
29 Oct 2003

Mesonal from Newtown
Member of Zanzibar, good place, noisy on friday nights. One pool table a bit of a let down, can get very crowded. Good for mid week drinks.
10 Oct 2003

Vinishousknid from Swaziland
I thought it was really good and stuff!
7 Aug 2003

INHS from Sydney
I have just visited the "Zanzibar" and was admitted entry but not service of alcohol. This was extremely embarassing for me in the company of potential clients. At the time, I was unaffected by alcohol (but tripped on the front step by accident), and noted this action as unusual. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the Zanzibar as an appropriate (or comfortable) venue for social or business-related events. I understand the legal issues involved in the responsible service of alcohol and I also believe that this legislation can be taken to the extreme (as is the case with the Zanzibar). It will not be somewhere I will visit again personally, or in the company of clients and colleagues.
18 Jul 2003

valonz from France
something for everyone! Level 2 is a bit special with a fantastic themed room..very cosy and atmospheric.Cocktail lovers will not be dissapointed!
19 Jun 2003

claire from sydney
just discovered the badge draw and this time their advertising works on me... buy a badge for $5 and then be there when they draw out numbers, if its yours then you win 1000's... and yes the beers as good as anywhere else in sydney...
30 May 2003

Elfi from Holland
Great Stuff a lazy cushioin Room, Lounge Music and extreme ornamatenal interior verging onto massive kitsch. Splendid over cocktails or better just some sparkling!
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Disabled Access: Disabled access OK downstairs, including disabled-accessible amenities24Hr: we're told it's 24hr - confirm/deny?
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