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Food a focus

308 Pacific Hwy,
Crows Nest

(02) 9436 4047
(02) 9436 3266

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Customer from Atlantis
One bar staff member, sean i think his name is, is very odd. He talks to much
15 Dec 2004

Went along to The YardHouse on Saturday wiv her in doors. We had a pretty good evening., food was good, service was good and not over priced for an upmarketish type pub. Could really up the anti on the music front though, they play neither one type nor the other and after a while all seemed to slip away a bit. As no one takes control of this essential part of a good atmosphere and a good night out. Would go back, but keep my fingers crossed that someone will give the music they play a bit of thought, and trash the TVs,. Hey if I want to watch the box I can do that at home any night of the week and be a hundred and some dollars better of for doing so.
15 Jun 2004

Michael from Mt Colah
Excellent. Great beers and great food - what more could you ask for.
18 Apr 2004

Robert from Crowsnest
A great place for a dirnk after work, found the staff to be friendly the atmosphere to be relaxing and the drink prices resonable
21 Feb 2004

Marc from North Sydney
Beats Epogue anyday, Yardhouse is spacious, non-smoking and provides confortable chairs compared to dinky Epogue!
4 Feb 2004

David O from Artarmon
Heard bad reports but was very pleasently surprised, excellent food, good service and reasonably priced, top bar for Crows Nest!
4 Feb 2004

kelly from crows nest
had our christmas party there and it was perfect, enormous amounts of food, great atmosphere, helpful staff and a general casual feeling
3 Feb 2004

tom from waverton
great night with friends, great staff and great food! love the steaks! definately recommended! will definately be back!
3 Feb 2004

marsha from north sydney
i found staff fantastic and friendly, prices have been reduced and are very accomodating - fantastic
3 Feb 2004

Jock from Illawong
Is this the same place i went to? Don't know what these idiots are on about! Great service, atmosphere and reasonable prices.
29 Jan 2004

Annie from Pyrmont
Went there last night Feb 2004 - had a fabulous time, must have changed alot as staff were v.friendly and quick service - great bar food and big portions - nice selection of wine and not badly priced either - chilled atmosphere - chatting with friends place
28 Jan 2004

Tony from Wollstonecraft
Staff with bad attitude and overpriced. I'd take Epoque any day...
13 Jan 2004

K from Lindfield
Snobby and bad service, looks inviting and chill from outside though...
8 Jan 2004

Gary from Crows Nest
Appalling customer service! Tried to go there 3 times and every time, "you have to be eating something to order a drink". May have improved, but a very bad way to entice customers back.
6 Nov 2003

Kylie from Crows Nest
Love the food, range of beer is great - slightly expensive but worth it.
17 Sep 2003

Greg from Artarmon
Great selection of international beers but zero atmosphere and way too expensive.
16 Sep 2003

J from Mosman
22 Jul 2003

John from Mosman
Over priced.
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Our Comments

Jason says:

We have been informed by Yardhouse that management and licencing have both changed since Tony from Wollstonecraft made his comments. The comments below this one therefore apply to Yardhouse 'as was' and not Yardhouse 'as is'. We have also recieved a request to remove this listing, but since our clearly stated policy does not allow for this, we will not be doing so.

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