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Watson's Bay Hotel (Doyle's)
Scenic and very busy

Military Road, Watson's Bay
(02) 9337 5444

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It's a big place, and it's busy. It's the first time I've ventured out here, being a stranger in a strange land I've tended to stick to the densely populated areas of Sydney - Darlinghurst, CBD, Bondi, as well as sticking close to home. This time, we've coerced Josh into driving us out to Watson's bay, braving the horrendous parking situation, to visit Doyle's.

The plan was to grab a seat in the courtyard, eat seafood, drink jugs of beer, then explore the rest of the pub before heading back for home. As it turned out, the skies split apart just as we'd finished our food, dumping about a cubic mile of rain right onto the courtyard, causing our rapid evacuation as several hundred people tried to run for cover without spilling their drinks. Just one of the dangers of living in Sydney, I guess.

Doyle's is very well known, and an extraordinarily popular spot at weekends. People come in from all over Sydney to enjoy the seafood, but be warned - you'll be queuing for a long time! We took shifts in the queue for a couple of seafood platters which were, sadly, not spectacular enough to warrant unbridled joy after the ordeal of acquiring them. Jugs of beer are fairly cheap, and the queues at the bar were surprisingly thin (everyone must have been stuck in the food line). We think the best tactic is to rotate people between the lines at the counter and the bar, keeping the food foragers supplied with bottles of beer. This takes at least three people - one to keep the food queue, one to keep the table, and one to shuttle the beer!

The views are superb, looking into The Harbour from near it's most seaward point, best enjoyed with a bottle of Crown Lager from down near beach level. Aaaah!

We'll be going back to check out the rest of the place soon - never fear!
review by: pubguide staff

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zoe from sydney
Extremly rude manager or owner!
3 Nov 2003

Pub bludger from That pub u no the one?
Hey Adam im with you buddy $4.50 for a beer "tell him he's dreamin" wicked chicks for $4.50 you can keep em. can i take money off the yuppies at a game of pool? "OFFCOURSE I CAN" cain't wait to see youuuu boyyyssssth
28 May 2003

Adam from Vaucluse
$4.50 for a beer on a weekday. Your hurting my pocket buddy (i can understand on weekends). But everything else is super swish.. Outdoor gorgeous and the indoor area with couches is lavish.
date unknown

Billyo from UK
Thanks but no thanks
date unknown

Andrew from Bondi Junction
A lazy Sunday afternoon out in the beer garden watching the boats sail by. What else is there to say....
date unknown

Jackerbon Dickersons from Bondi FM radio
Heard about it on 88FM ...occassionally theres some wicked chics there !
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Food: Most visitors are there for the seafood, but expect to queueOutdoor Area: very large outdoor area down by the beach and wharf
Our Comments

Jason says:

Given the horrendous access/parking situation by car, we recommend you either get a ferry in from a less wedged spot, or perhaps take a pleasant cycle ride round, as I'll be doing from now on. There's a bus service, but we're told it stops quite early at weekends.

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