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a slick waterside venue

Harbourside Shop 198
Darling Harbour

(02) 9282 9444
(02) 9282 9311

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I arrived at Watershed at perhaps 6.30pm and was surprised to see security staff on the door this early. The place was empty, and I had some time to kill before the CurryRunners turned up for one of our regular meetings, so I sat down with a beer and a book and took in the place. It's a bar, basically, and as such has the usual, slightly sanitised bar feeling to it. Chrome tables and bar stools dominate the main section of the bar, which at the fringe are some slightly uncomfortable stools and benches - in the finest tradition of stylish bars everywhere you're not meant to be comfortable. Of course, as time ticked on I came to a realisation. I was feeling distinctly uncomfortable about the prowling security staff. At first I put it down to good healthy paranoia brought on by an earlier game of Quake II, but no, there it was, that feeling that you're being assessed and weighed up, and if you're found wanting you're out on the street, buddy. After all, some guy sitting on his own and reading a book with a beer? Obviously some sort of terrorist, right? The bouncer was clearly bored to tears just standing on the door, and over the next hour or so he prowled past me about twenty or thirty times, each time sizing everyone up as he went, like a health inspector checking carcasses - and it wasn't nice. It's this behaviour that inspired something of a rant in the forums. He was still doing it even when the rest of our party arrived, it's just when the bar filled up he had more meat to inspect. It was, well, not nice. The place itself is fine - I can't really find a way to fault it, but the fact is I found it hard to be comfortable here. I can picture it being quite nice on, say, a saturday or sunday afternoon - couple of beers in the sun, chilling out - but I've decided I can live without this place at night. And for further tales of security staff follow the link above - it didn't end here.
review by: Jason

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Trevor from Sydney
The Watershed is an aight place to be at. With the right group of friends its a place set to go off, whilst located at a nice area and a fun place to be at. Ill never foget my first time there, i was with the boys and we jus went tanked all the way and we were dancin till we droped. To all the fellas the ladies at this bar are LIKE DAAYUM!
3 Jun 2004

Lucy from Scotland
This place is a refreshing change to most grungey sydney pubs. It has a classy atmosphere, but isnt as stuck up as everyone says it is. Try to make it for lunch if you can-food is surprisingly cheap and very nice at the same time. Highly Reccommended
18 Dec 2003

nicole from sydney
cute guys!
3 Nov 2003

jamie from sydney
it's a fantastic location for a bar. just sad that places like this one is littered with posers with biceps bigger than their heads.
21 Oct 2003

Cherie from Sydney
They all look the same and dress the same, they dance the same and drink the same. If I see another guy with a black spiked-all-over-the-place hairstyle, raising his eyebrows like a model, wearing a striped shirt with the collar up and with sleeves rolled up holding a martini I'll be sick. Other than that it's okay. Upstairs, nice music, downstairs has good live music. Girls - you're guaranteed free drinks off some cuties, and I do remember a couple came out of the a disabled toilet cubicle (you know, the BIG ones) grinning like cheshire cats. They must have found the tile-pattern on the floor funny.
17 Oct 2003

Leigh from Ryde
The Watershed is a great place to sit outside and drink with a few friends during a summer lunch hour - you avoid the bouncers and any threat of being overcrowded. A nice modern look with a great position, but avoid it during the night. Light hours only, then move on.
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Outdoor Area: The front deck is a fairly pleasant spot for people-watchingPool: Two pool tables, $3 a gameATM: ATM available
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