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Warren View
Live music, and an unpretensious crowd.

2 Stanmore Road,

(02) 9557 1064

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It's Saturday night in Sydney and we've taken a bit of a detour on the way back from The Harp Irish pub in Tempe and somehow landed up at the Warren View. We step down into a pub which is lively, cheering and dancing to a band playing classic rock covers and the odd original in the corner. It's a bit of a trial getting to the bar and I'm feeling a little delicate so we forgo the rowdy front bar in favour of the beer garden, which is a pleasant, tree filled area filled with chatting groups. There are renovations currently going on, which probably contributes a little to the packed feel of the place tonight, on a night where most of the pubs we've passed by have been quite empty. The single pool table can be seen recieving a little action through the large windows from the beer garden, and the band is still in full swing when we decide to rock on. Taking a slightly wrong choice of exit we have to battle our way through a crowd of middle-aged revellers and almost take one on the chin from someone's mum dancing an Irish jig by the bar. It's certainly rowdy in the front bar this evening, and this of course being Enmore the crowd consists of, well, the odd 'less than sane' person, shall we say? We like the beer garden, and it's an unpretentious, take-me-as-I-am scene here, which is obviously pretty popular, in contrast to the Sly Fox, which as we pass on the way home, is like a morgue. Strange Saturday for us.....
review by: Jason

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Gerard from Enmore
Simon, it was you who started it - of course you'll come back again.
28 May 2004

Simon from Bondi
I like the place, good beer and the food is excellent. It's a good place to hang out with the locals. Although I was a little concerned with the homosexual element there. One guy in particular wouldn't get the message. But apart from that, it was a good nite and I'll come back there again.
28 May 2004

Roger from Enmore
Excellent menu, I get the Sunday roast most weeks but it also covers everything from bangers and mash to some fine restaurant style meals. Also have children's meals. Reasonable range of beers including a few slightly less common varieties on tap, e.g. Reschs & Cascade Pale. As well as frequent live bands and the pool tables, for a quieter evening you can borrow a book from the pub's small but interesting library. To judge from available titles, it combines the collections of a romantic lady and a navy man. In the recent renovations the pokies were moved to the old "purple room", a very popular move that opened up the front bar with a lot more room for pool tables, dancing etc. A good old fashioned community pub.
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Food: Courtyard BistroOutdoor Area: Spacious and shadyPool:
Live Music: Regular live music at weekends
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