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Wallaby Bar
To be honest, we're not overly impressed, thogh the balcony is a nice change

Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Harbour
(above pontoon)

(02) 9267 4118
(02) 9266 0444

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Kylie and Sophie were going to write this review. obviously they didn't. Wallaby bar is tucked away upstairs from Pontoon, and below Chinta Ria at Darling Harbour's Cockle Bay Wharf, and is really just a long room with a balcony. The decor is a little odd, we think. The left-hand wall is basically a long wall in which are engraved the games and players of the last hundred years or so of Australian International rugby tests. Unfortunately, it makes the place look more like a war memorial than a bar. THe toilets are even stranger, bringing opinions such as 'Orwellian' from our companions. To eleborate, they're just plain concrete. One of our fellow drinkers was heard to call the men's section 'like a death cell'. Which is nice. Aside from these two weird things, the place actually isn't too bad. A trophy cabinet at the back of the room holds (replica) trophies from the rugby world, and the walls are lined with flat-panel TV screens, and an excellent Bose sound system completes the audio-visual feast. The bar is long, the prices average for Darling Harbour (meaning above the normal pub price) and the food was good - we ordered between us, Chicken, Steak and BLT sandwich meals which were filling and tasty. The service was also pretty friendly, but then we were the only people in the bar when we first arrived. The place is actually part of Pontoon, but we considered it to be isolated enough from the main part of Pontoon to justify a listing of its own. Owned by Green Hotels, who run Pontoon, the Clock and the Greenwood, with a similar target market. A good one for a Rugby fan with spare cash, if you can avoid the grimmer parts of this review, that is.... Oh, and the place will be hosting numerous events in the run-up to the Rugby World Cup 2003
review by: Jason

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john from cabargo
my name is john . my house is a hostel . if u need a house to stay after a night at wallaby . stay at mine . i have two purple lounges . i drink beer . if ur really nice i will give u some melted chococlate .. and a spoon to eat it with ..
22 Jun 2004

WML from city
these fags can have thier bar, but if i ever have to go back and some little shit bumps me, spills my drink and then turns his nose up at me again, i'll send him home to mummy & daddy in a very sorry state. get your act together and stop thinking your better then everyone else you little shits because your going to piss the wrong person off soon! infact, why don't you just stay at home with mum & dad and get a good 'PG' movie? isn't it you shift on the checkout at target tomorrow anyway?
27 May 2004

Jenny from The Block
So many spunk rats there! do you become a member? Anybody know?
24 May 2004

Bro from The Cooks
I reckon you could make a fortune selling grog to the massive line of sobering up people who wait in line outside wallaby for A VERY FUCKING LONG TIME
23 Apr 2004

All Black from North of the bridge
Shit hole, fully of pretentious dickheads. Same crowd as a thurs night at greenwood
23 Apr 2004

metin from rose bay
Fault One: Overcrowded Fault Two: Under-Airconditioned Fault Three: Poorer people than myself acting rich Fault Four: Uglier people than me acting attractive Fault Five: Unworldly security Fault Six: Odour ...the list can and will go on
14 Apr 2004

terrance from canada
well heaps of snobby people here. The main problem was most the snobby guys were hell ugly, and too plump for their jeans. the girls were alright but to be honest guys walking around like that in any other pub in europe or back home would probably get beat up.
10 Apr 2004

no more from trucka's
hey watch out lebbo's and anyone wearing a trucka hat and glasses, or anyone who brags about being from north shore coz i live there anyway and dont give a shit. I will steal the trucka hats off those homo's heads then when they ask for it back ill sock em one between the eyes haha. wallaby bar sux.
10 Apr 2004

Nick from sydney
Wallaby bar is a great place to go if you know someone on the door and a good place to look at beautiful women, but thats all you will get. Offer to buy a girl a drink, she'll drink it then find the next guy with some mulla.Its easy on the eyes but most of the time you will come out feeling more single than when you went in.
15 Mar 2004

Andrew from Turramurra
This place should be called the Socceroo Bar because its full of wogs. I've been twice and will never return. I was expecting somewhere where you could go enjoy a beer with mates and watch the rugby on huge tv screens, something like OneWorldSport. Being a huge rugby fan, I must say I'm disappointed. The floors were a bit sticky as well - must be all the hair grease?
11 Mar 2004

Wayne Desmonds from campbelltown
i wanted to go here but hey wouldnt let me was a pretty busy nite i think coz there was a party on and u had to be on the guest gona try again next week coz the babes were pretty jazzed up and fine for the eyes if u get my drift boys! lol.....anyway make sure u go on a nite when a party isnt on otherwise u are out of luck my friend.
20 Feb 2004

L from sydney CBD
their a bit harsh on the door-the on ly way you can possibly get in is with a connection. really good vibe though and great DJ. absolutley guaranteed a hot night. but how DO you actually get membership?
13 Feb 2004

Shawn from Manly
nicely sized venue, commercial tracks, easy entry, easy girls BUT tap beers served in glasses that more closely resemble tall milk glasses than schooner glasses...oh well, no where's perfect.
5 Feb 2004

michael from sydney
was good with gps crowd until wogs took over the place, and is too small a venue plus overcrowded
27 Jan 2004

evan from greenwich
matt u must be some dregg from out west or some nerdy selective school dweeb. Im sorry that u either dont have any friends who matter or have a problem with successful people. bye and have a good life
27 Jan 2004

matt from north sydney
evan u seem like a homo who obviously thinks that cos you live on the north shore in ur parents house that somehow your good. u should keep going to wallaby and hang out with all the other wankers u tosser!
7 Jan 2004

Evan from Greenwich
Used to be good bu these days seems like anyone can get in if they wait long enuff. Gone are the days when the place used to be packed with north shores elite...oh well!
5 Jan 2004

ANNON. from kirribilli
worst place in the world. bar staff are just that, bar staff. you think your king shit. the ONLY good thing about wallaby is the ease of getting away with rooting in the disabeld toilets!
28 Dec 2003

dave from sydney
if you think your hot shit and live on the north shore/ eastern suburbs - heres the place. You can hang out with all the other wannabe cool wankers. hats and sunnies at night are not needed. fake tan is gay and standing around working out who has the biggest "guns" makes for a shite nite out. 16 yr olds - piss off!! STAY AWAY ALL TOGETHER
28 Dec 2003

Imogen from Vaucluse
Great place, they need to be more discerning on the door though!
4 Dec 2003

k from north shore
the dick events manager who is on the door on saturday nights is the problem. He is now at greenwood on a thursday night as well! Dude change youre shirt/tie and get over purple!!!!!!
28 Nov 2003

paige from sydney
Love it awesum place!
3 Nov 2003

GPS fag from up my ass
hi fellas, i am a total shit face up myself even tho i really am nothing tosser from JOeys. I look like the biggest long haired emo fag with my truckie cap and my new emo tee. i only have my reputation as a gps boy to fall back on as in real life i am a total cunt...anyway if you wana meet me and 200 other fags like myself then ill see u here.
26 Oct 2003

Pretentious Wank from The North Shore
Saturday evenings events were splendid although they did let one young chap in who didn't actually attend a GPS school which myself and other young toss-pot friends found rather off-putting. Daddy bought me a membership for my 17th and I have enjoyed it immensley, along with his money and mummy's coke, very very much!
3 Sep 2003

A from Sydney
Agreed, was a bit disappointed. My 25 yr old friends and I went to a younger sisters 19th bday, and after a quick survey of other patrons, found we were a good 4 years older than everyone else. Very sobering. Rather fond of rugby players, were do they all hang out?!?
4 Aug 2003

Ashley from Sydney
Wallaby is OVER RATED! The bar is no where near as nice as many of the places in the CBD yet it draws a crowd almost twice the size of many others. The lines are F*cking way too long for what you get and the lines barely move due to all the 'friends of management' (usually nobodies) getting in ahead of you! in summary, steer clear of this joint. Bit of a shit hole!
20 Jul 2003

Bec from Sydney
Wallaby Bar on a Saturday Night... well if you can get past the queue of zealous, barely 18 year old up and comings, the music inside is really great. There is a live bongo player (most of the time) supporting the DJ in mixing up today and yesterdays club hits. Be warned though,the "dancefloor" is like a sauna and extends throughout the whole bar which makes it hard to buy a drink, that is, if you can afford it!
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