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Victoria Cross
busy, especially at luchtimes

60 Miller Street,
North Sydney

(02) 9957

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (7 Dec 2004)

As an ex-employee, I can assure you that this is not the pub to go to if you want a huge Thursday night out in North Sydney. In fact, this pub is all but dead most of the time - with a few exceptions.

Friday nights at VC are huge. Disgustingly, sweatily, I-dont-know-you-but-i'm-physically-closer-to-you-than-to-any-man-before huge. The crowd swells around 5pm, when the entire office block above the bar comes down to wind up the week, and doesn’t usually clear until about 1 or 2 in the morning. The large outdoor area caters for this at first, but when it closes up at about 10, it’s a living hell inside. Most other nights, it's a relaxed affair, with the sole pool table usually going unused. The music is an uninspired selection of R’n’B and House, and the dancefloor is about the size of a small napkin.

The food at VCs is cheap, but very good for a small kitchen. All lunches are $7, and so big that I guarantee you will feel like you have eaten a beanbag if you finish them. Along with a few pints of Guinness and some Canadian Club (the VC speciality, it’s a Canadian Bar at heart), you’ll feel even worse, or better, depending on how you look at it.

VCs has a great selection of tap beer (including Beez Neez and St. Arnou), and an even better selection of small beers and mixers that are hard to find elsewhere. Everything from Little Creatures to Blowfly to Kronenburg 1664 is there, as well as the usual suspects (Peroni, Corona etc).

Canada Day is celebrated with enthusiasm, if not style, by huge crowds every year. Male bartenders to “The Full Mountie” – take from that what you will – and Canadian Club spills everywhere. Great for everyone but the clearners.

As much as the beer and the food could make you stay, the crowd, or lack thereof, is enough to make you think that you are in a morgue. My suggestion: if you go on a Friday night, be prepared to wait for your beer, if you go on any other night, ask yourself why.

review by: bornslippy1984

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PubGoer from Balmain
I have a blind friend who insists on drinking here when I am out this side of town. He states it is the best beer in Nth Sydney. His tastebuds are probably more honed than mine. However it is pleasant kicking back here in the afternoon. Generally a good place for a quite (and good) beer after work on weekdays. No crowds.
21 Dec 2004

Jessy from Nth Sydney
Not bad food - the only thing are the staff where you get it from i once ordered a bowl of veggies instead of salad you shouldve seen the fuss when i asked to swap - you would have thought it was the last salad on this freekin earth. Drama !
14 May 2004

Meh from Mehland
Meh is all i have to say about this place.
14 May 2004

Critic from Behind you
Truly a bucket! There is no appeal to this venue. It is worn out and smelly and full of obese desk jockeys from Optus across the road. Don't bother!
16 Jan 2004

Muppet from Snotland
What a hole! The worst DJ in town and full of tie wearing geeks from the local CBD. Fat chicks welcome.
28 Nov 2003

Michael Kopievsky from Thornleigh
Stylish bar that offers the best beers on tap and the atmosphere to enjoy them. Food is really cheap too, ideal for any occasion.
12 Oct 2003

Davo from Nth Syd
Won $100 on the incredible hulk machine. Its all good, esp. when you crash a 21st party on a sat night.., yah!
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Food: I recall the food being pretty good actuallyOutdoor Area: There is an outdoor area, but I've only ever been there in lousy weather!
Our Comments

Jason says:

The first time I came here, there were guys walking round dressed as Canadian Mounties - perhaps it was a promotion for Molson? I never did find out...

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