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Vic On The Park
Back to Live Music for the Vic

2 Addison Rd,
(cnr Enmore Road)

(02) 9557 1448

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Chris from Newtown
Much better than it used to be. It was a usual occurence to have cops raid the place under the old owners and client base, but now, it's a classy, relaxed, safe place to take friends from all walks of life for a good time. Bands are cool, food is heaps better than the overpriced Thai that used to be there - now you can have a burger and chips with your beer!! There's enough Thai food around Newtwon so all good. Atmosphere has improved 100% and the coutyard rocks on a Sunday arvo. The new owners have embraced the change and moved the pub upmarket without increasing prices - heaps of big TVs, groovy couches out the back - highly recommended guys!
13 Jan 2004

Mel from Dulwich Hill
Yeah - cool vibes huh.. Athron is playing every Sunday till January then Bridie Obrien takes it up for a month - check her out if you havent heard her before - I saw her at the Harp in Tempe - she rocks.
5 Dec 2003

Braiden from Enmore
Looking for a point of difference? I cant believe how much the Vic has changed. I hadnt been there for years so Im not sure when all this happend but hey - impressive. We spend last Sunday afternoon in a really comfy lounge area listening to live acoustic performances all afternoon - I'll definately be back on Sundayz - Braids.
5 Dec 2003

Nick Gooderham from Newtown
I'm new to the area and I really liked the place. In reference to what mac said, I don't know what the previous place was like but the food there now is quite good. I don't think I would like to have thai at my local pub, I like thai food, but what we don't need is another thai restaurant. I want food that goes with my beer. You should try their ribs, damn tasty. I also particularily like the garden area, very chilled.
13 Nov 2003

Bruiser from Sydney
Mac has said it all. The Vic was one of the best pubs but it has really gone off. Lets hope they see the error of their ways and stop make changes just for the sake of chan ge.
13 Aug 2003

Mac from Sydney
Thanks for the tip on the Harlequin... we're going to try the Gladstone in Dulwich Hill tonight... Wednesday (hump day) being the preferred night for the group. Hopefully the bistro will make the food in-house!!! When I rang the pub yesterday the fellow was really helpful and it the comments on your website positive - so! here's hoping for all the right ingredients for a good trivia night!
12 Aug 2003

PubGuide Staff from Sydney
Re: Mac inner city trivia with good food and good atmos? we're told the Harlequin in Pyrmont is a good one - however I'm going to open a thread in the discussion forums to continue on this subject - feel free to join in.
12 Aug 2003

Mac from Sydney
This pub used to be fantastic!! It had excellent thai food; great ecclectic atmosphere; fun trivia etc. It used to be a great mix of people fun and food. BUT!!! new owners are trying to take it 'upmarket'. So - they got rid of the highly successful thai restaurant (we used to take friends there for dinner as a preference over 'stand alone' restaurants) and replaced it with 'My Kitchen" where the meals are shipped in and then microwaved when you order (it's a REALLY dull menu anyway). A group of us went to trivia religiously every week. Now we don't bother - and nor do many other people. It's a shame - it was such a fun place to go. If anyone can suggest a good inner city pub for trivia with good food and good atmosphere - leave a message!
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Live Music: Yes, Live Music is firmly back on the scene at the Vic On The Park
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