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Unity Hall
very friendly indeed

292 Darling Street, Balmain
(02) 9810 1331

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At weekends, we're told this place is jumping, but tonight is a quiet Tuesday, and not one of the two Tuesdays a month with live music.

Luckily the pool tables cost $2.20 and eagerly suck up every shot that drifts toward the pockets, so we're fairly happy.

The walls are lined with pictures from days gone by, of the pub back in the old hose-out days and of musicians who've passed through. The jukebox is blasting out some seriously old-time music for the locals, small in number, but enthusiastic for 'runaround sue' Upstairs, the Attic Bar is rated, but closed tonight, so we've got to pencil in yet another re-visit (this isn't our first time here, but last time was accompanied by the largest hangover I've ever had, so no review)
review by: pubguide staff

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PubGoer from Balmain
I generally avoid the downstairs bar. However had had some decent nights upstairs. Though Fridays have dropped of drastically at the Attic. Overall - not a bad pub but not my style.
21 Dec 2004

Kel from Rozelle
This place has very ugly, sad and old people doing the chicken dance and trying to get laid.
4 Nov 2004

Nic from Balmain
The pub is ok if you are old and boring and like smoking and cheap drinks! Go upstairs to the ATTIC for some real fun!!
23 Feb 2004

Bec from Neutral Bay
A new tradition has started at the Unity Hall for Jazz fans - Cafe Society Orchestra is now playing 1st Weds of the month at Unity Hall in the Attic bar and Geoff Power's Classic Jazz band is playing on the 3rd Weds of the mth in the Attic Bar. Jazz lovers please come along and support these bands or Weds night Jazz at the Unity will be no longer in a few months !!
13 Feb 2004

Andrew from Pyrmont
A tip for those punters who plan to go into this pub on New Years Eve. Don't be talked into buying a ticket in advance to get in after midnight. It's not too crowded to get in and the fucking bouncers still turn you away even if you paid $10 at 8pm that evening. Fuckers.
19 Jan 2004

Cliffy from Balmain
Full of wrinkly old slappers with fags hangin' out the corner of their mouths looking to shag anything - allright if you like the 'Dot Cotton' look I suppose.
17 Dec 2003

Mitch from Balmain
Some of the Bands have been good.......YEA......SOME!!
29 Oct 2003

Pub Bludger from that pub u no the one
Top Pub :) See you one thursday soon guys $100 a game k.
30 May 2003

Rosie from Balmain
Look out for the "Little Mexican"
date unknown

Morty from Seattle/Balmain
Be on the lookout for a "Little Man" sighting...
date unknown

Fat Albert from Balmain
Good place to meet horny old chooks
date unknown

Matt McCann from Riverstone
Used to drink there when I lived in Balmain, Before they did the pub up. One of the few success stories of renovated pubs that didnt lose any atmosphere or character. Still enjoy the place when I can get there for a beer with Will Corby
date unknown

sarah from balmain
the bar chicks at the attic aren't on a natural high!
date unknown

Natalie from Balmain
Don't go. Best thing about it is that is stays open to 3am when all other pubs in Balmain shut at midnight.
date unknown

Jacqui from Leichhardt
The Unity rocks on a Saturday night, particularly if the John Shields Band are playing!
date unknown

Michael Connoly from Ireland
Best chicks behind the bar up in the Attic. Never seen staff dance and enjoy themselves more than most of the patrons. It rocks!!!!!!!!!
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Bottle Shop: good bottle shopLive Music: Friday, Saturday and SundayPool: two pool tables $2.20!!
Jukebox: we really liked the jukeboxTV: big screen TV, but why WWF wrestling??
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