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The Big Red Irish Bar

505 Crown Street,
Surry Hills
(cnr Devonshire)

(02) 9319 6802
(02) 9319 5530

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In the eternal struggle for 'Best Irish Pub', there are several contenders. Durty Nelly's seems to always come out well, but to be honest, we do prefer the Trinity.

It doesn't try hard to look Irish, It doesn't deliberately grunge itself down, it's willing to blend modern world with old world and pulls it off with aplomb. Yes, the Trinity is one of our favourites.

Nestled in the heart of Surry Hills, it's patronised by young professionals, students, travellers and the general slightly bohemian mixture that you often find here. The bar staff are very friendly, and the verandah out front is a big draw, even if half of it is non-smoking these days in deference to Sydney's overbearing restaurant laws. The food is reasonably priced and heartily measured, and a summer afternoon out front can be amazingly enjoyable.

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Cal from Ireland
Good food, but expensive. The pub is very open so you don't get a friendly "snug" atmosphere that I relate to irish pubs. Recently bought by two english lads, I think, who don't want any irish pubs. I lived for three years around surry hills and rarely drank here. Go Shakespeare!
20 Jan 2005

M from Somewhere up north
It's big, red and Irish. What's not to love?
12 Apr 2004

Mr. Deasy from London
Yeah...great spot...good food... craic...quality staff. Frank the barman used to light up the place...I hear he's back soon..straight as an arrow..he was
6 Jan 2004

Basil from Ireland
I remember some guy called Frank used to work there. Very strange lad, drank alot. Wasn't he fond of guys too. Great pub though, fab food and loads of booze.
6 Jan 2004

Michelle from Ireland where else??
We lived in Surry Hills for just under a year and many a night was spend in the Trinity bar, the 2 for 1 meal offers on a Monday night were the business, just the incentive to allow us poor backpakers to save a few dollars ... or spend it on beer.
16 Jul 2003

Julie from Moore Park
The trivia night on Wednesdays is great!
30 Jun 2003

Robert from Long Beach, California
Trinity Bar? I wish I was back there right now... shepard's pie........ mmmmmm. None better
25 Jun 2003

Matilda from Surry Hills
I like this place so much, that I've relocated to be closer to all the action that goes on at the Trinity.
4 Jun 2003

james from surry hills
triviality on wednesday is good fun!
date unknown

tom from Derry
I used to live opposite the trintiy and loved the pub, one of my favorites in Sydney. Looking forwar to my return this sunday
date unknown

Neal from Crows nest
In my book the trinity is the best pub in Sydney, I am regularly in there even if it means an expensive tixi home
date unknown

lesleykirwan from australian,irish
i have to say it is one of the best,atmosphere,sports,functions
date unknown

John McIntosh from Glasgow
Lived in Surry Hills for a year and was in the Trinity bar more than I was in my my own house. Love the bar the punters and the staff. The food is got to be the best in Sydney for price, quality and quantity.
date unknown

Ali Baba (osama's mama) from Afganistan
Pub's are for drinking alchole. Alchole is not good so pubs are not good.
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Food: good grub - see reviewOutdoor Area: the front verandah is a coveted spotPool: You'll find a pool table hidden away upstairs
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