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Town Hall (Newtown)
Head on upstairs....

326 King Street,

(02) 9557 1206

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Scouseroo from Balmain
Used to love this pub - Girlfriend lives in Marrickville and its next to station so always met here before venturing on for fun etc in Newtown. However after a similar experience to Dog Womble never again - the manager is an insensitive cretin and the doorwedge a brain dead cheesestick with a tenuous grasp of the english language. Ejecting customers for being drunk after 2 drinks (me) and half a glass of wine (her) is no way to run a pub. Accusing them of being on drugs when they have the audacity to complain is asking for a kicking. Avoid the hole - the Sando up road has a better atmosphere or the Newtown Hotel is far far friendlier.
16 May 2006

DogWomble from Canberra
I am highly disappointed with this pub. The manager is an obnoxious [expletives deleted], beaten only by the bouncer. Accusing someone for being trashed when they haven't had a drink all day is not good form. From the looks they both gave myself and my friend, that was an excuse they pulled out of their backside. We think it was more a case of discrimination because they thought we were weird (I looked slightly gay well because I am and my friend with me was a goth and they both gave us really weird looks making us both feel very self-conscious ... very narrowminded of them). In any case, the pub didn't look very tempting from the small glimpse we were able to get - it looked like it was full of heterosexual white bogan males smoking wearing flannies, smoking cheap cigarettes and drinking cheap beer - so I am very glad we weren't able to spend any of our hard earned money there anyways.
26 Sep 2004

Amber from Marrickville
It's great. Bibs is there sometimes
18 Mar 2004

andy from petersham
blaQQ_jakK : That dyke chick in men's outfits and short hair is one of the managers! She rocks and so does the town hall.
13 Mar 2004

Hugh Jarms from Gymnasia
I'm being stalked by a freak in a studded dog collar and vinyl.
25 Feb 2004

Haydo from Tasmania
This place is not shit. Rack 'em up boys...yeah, that's hot!
25 Feb 2004

James from Erskineville
Nothing better than to sit next to one of the big windows upstairs on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Friendly barman and food not bad too.
25 Nov 2003

laForge from Eliazbeth Bay
Last stop before stumbling home, don't get caught in the townie before midnight, in my experience this place starts getting worthwhile from about 1-2 in the morning. Once your done here drag your drunken carcus to the 5 star yeeros near newtown station for a 'beef roll' wrapped in leb bread with barbeque sauce. Its a truly evil concoction, a rite of passage which no trip to the townie would be complete without. And yeh, Dan brodie's here too.
19 Nov 2003

Package from Sydney
The obvious place to frequent after the Bank closes. Whatever you do, just don't sit next to the Chairman...
29 Oct 2003

BlaQQ_Jakk from Sydney
Uh, great place. Yeah, right. Popular with Newtown's band of downwardly mobile residents. Check out the dyke chick in the men's outfit and short hair who works in some vaguely security-oriented role in this place. Major case of penis envy! The THH is good in that it is open later than most places in this area. The old Oxford Hotel (up the street a little) is now known as Zanzi Bar and is open just about 24 hours a day - except on Sauturday night/Sunday mornng when it closes at 5am or thereabuts. This in fact is the silly thing about Zanzi Bar. On any other night you could drink through daybreak and beyond, yet on Saturday night/ Sunday morning (ie, when everyone wants to keep going coz Saturday night's their big one) they close at 5am. THH is the pub beside the railway tracks. Half-assed dancefgloow and the occasional good DJ, but most are seriously average. Plays 70s, 80s, 90s alternative - often marginal mainstream music - such a bands who started out alternative and got some mainstream chart recognition. And likewise, if you are looking for a woman, don't go to the THH. There are occasional exceptions, but not many, and you might find clubs more glitzy and glammy than everyone's favourite pub beside the railway tracks.
25 Aug 2003

sonic death monkey from newtown
it's your'e looking for dan brodie, you may well find him there, as well as any other musician who may happen to be in the area at the time (including some that we would rather not see). anyway, if you want to experience newtown life, come here, but make sure your experience isn't a sober one or you might realise how shit it actually is.
14 Aug 2003

xxx from Newtown
If you are looking for a man dont go to the town hall hotel! Unless of course dan brodie is going to be there.
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