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refitted and pretty rated

Nicholson St (cnr Forbes St),

(02) 9368 1955

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Wooloomooloo looks to be very much an 'in' place these days, with renovations at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel, a new venue at the Tilbury, and the Wharf developments all attracting lots of smartly dressed folk out of the suburbs and into W'mloo. The Tilbury's renovations were certainly thorough, although we never got to visit before it closed we hear it was far more a traditional archetypal kind of place. Now it's an open, wooden hangout with mood lighting, tons of outdoor space on balconies and verandah's, a cool, intimate bunch of rooms upstairs and a no-smoking policy throughout (though it still sports a cigarette machine, viva la mighty dollar, eh?) A little glass counter provides sandwiches and the like at the edge of the main bar, which tonight is thronged with 'smart casuals'. I feel a little out of place, dressed as I am in shorts and scruffy t-shirt after a bike ride, but we soon settle in on the front balcony upstairs. Cynically, I expected the place to look exactly like Republic - it seems all newly refurbished pubs these days go for the standard chrome furniture/wood floor/moodlighting combo, but the Tilbury eschews the chrome at least and manages to look far more friendly (as well as being distinctly more comfortable) worthy of a revisit for us, and certanly worth a look if you're in the area.
review by: Jason

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shirley from coogee
Worst boozy lunch ever. Unless your a sparrow. Nice place but so what. Nice for a couple of drinks before going out. Overpriced badly. dont bother
8 Jun 2004

dirtbag from eastern suburbs
food is good but mains are the size of an entree. restaurant wine list pricey. left restaurant hungry. very disappointed.
8 Jun 2004

Kirsty from Surry Hills
Great looking pub that never seems to have enough staff? attracts some noxious clietelle
6 Feb 2004

laForge from Elizabeth Bay
uhh...that was meant to read: Expect to SEE patrons wearing suits on a sunday (i did!).
19 Nov 2003

laForge from Elizabeth Bay
Nice looking place, but definitely one for the beautiful people. Expect to patrons wearing suits on a sunday (i did!) and pay $$ for your drinks.
19 Nov 2003

Local from woolloomooloo
Must be the only pub in sydney where the staff only smile if you give them a tip.
2 Nov 2003

Terry from Lane Cove
Overated Pub!!! Queing for 10 mins to get a drink is not my idea of fun... and when you do get to the bar the staff are very rude and arrogant (especially the blonde girl with the fringe). You also have to pay a fortune for this sub-standard service. Give it a miss!!!
17 Aug 2003

Kate from Wooloomooloo
I really, really loved the Tilbury BEFORE it was 'done-up'. The pub had history and character and locals from the nearby Housing Commission estates felt welcome there. The food was great and cheap, the bar staff knew all the regulars, plonkers were few and far between...
27 Jun 2003

Chris from Glebe
Good bar - shocking service - prices from mars. Overall I'd much rather not!
18 Jun 2003

Fanny Lick from Boxtown
Finger licking good
23 May 2003

Sandie from Manly
I wish there were more pubs around like the Tilbury; especially on the North Shore. Meanwhile, I hope the Tilbury doesn't get too many young, trendy patrons which will spoil the relatively relaxed ambience it currently has!
21 May 2003

Adam from Thornleigh
The service was superior to other more reputable restaurants in Sydney. Well done guys..
date unknown

head job from Darlinghurst
great pub, but needs more bar staff, the wait for a beer is too long...!
date unknown

Michelle from Woolloomooloo
It hs reopened!
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Outdoor Area: Outdoor space is at a bit of a premium, since smoking is entirely prohibited inside.Non-Smoking Venue: Smoking disallowed inside the pub, outside is OK though
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