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recommended pub Three Wise Monkeys
Friendly and Relaxed, and a diverse crowd

555 George Street, near Haymarket
(02) 9283 5855

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Turning up, ordering two schooners and finding we only had enough cash for two middies, our friendly barman obligingly let us get away with it, instantly winning our thanks and adulation. This pub was great already, and we'd only just walked in.

Three levels with balconies, pool tables and an eclectic mixture of decor, this pub is quite a recent addition to Sydney's line up of pubs and bars. Formerly a bank, the building is characteristically 'bank-like' when viewed from outside, but inside is anything but.

A quick trip to the ATM later (one thing the pub itself lacks), and we'd settled in quite nicely on the first floor. Being daytime, of course, we perused our purchases of the day in a friendly and convivial atmosphere.

There is plenty of variety on tap, served from some unusual beer pumps, including statues, musical instruments and assorted knick-knacks, adding to the pub's individuality subtly without appearing ridiculous. Yes, this pub could become a favourite of at least this segment of the team.

We've yet to go back and experience the place on a crowded evening, but we're told it's usually full with a varied cross section of Sydney society, from after-work office workers, Haymarket and Chinatown shopkeepers and stallholders, backpackers, tourists and the usual flotsam and jetsam of this end of the city. It's also close to the George Street cinemas, so we expect a lot of people will be talking about the film they've just seen, or are about to see!

All in all, a worthy venue.

* Our latest has since confirmed there is now an ATM in the bar, and yes, the evening vibe is good!
review by:

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claudia from sydney
didn't enjoy this one at all.... another soul-less venue... I'd even rather go to cheers than the 2 wise monkeys... and that's saying something!!
22 Mar 2005

John John from Helensburgh
This pub is vile... avoid like the plague. Makes Rozelle Bridge at 4am seem a good idea.
10 Nov 2004

franksting from sydney
I was confronted with a request for more money when I gave her the amount I paid for the previous round 20 minutes before. When I queried this I was told 'all pubs put up their prices after 8pm' RIIIIIGHT. Not where I come from girl. This is the same place where they tried to stop a load of asian tourists from coming in to a pretty damn empty pub (grand final night) who were all well over 21 - obviously. What was the point 'security'??? Avoid at all costs - the beer sucks too.
27 Oct 2004

catchscott from Sydney
Great late-night bar...this one and Jacksons on George easily the best. Staff are a little slack, but management and security make up for it. Live music upstairs is usually great. Head down to Cheers when this closes, but avoid Scruffys unless you wanna step on vomit or choke on fumes (that bar really sucks!)
1 Sep 2004

BENO from orange
i reckon youre all a bunch of dumb asses who wouldnt know a real pub if it stood up from its foundations pulled down its metaphorical trousers and farted warm creamy beer all over yer new fuckin' trendy hipster david beckham haircuts.
26 May 2004

Anna from Manchester
Great pub but nothing can beat scruffy murphys, throw a few crates of beer over the floor and it will become more popular-trust me!!!!! 031
5 May 2004

Maggie from Germany
The place I love in Sydney: 3 wise monkeys. I had my best nights over there. Hope to visit somewhen again. love, maggie
23 Apr 2004

Aussic chick from Melbourne
LMFAO I was there when those weakling American marines were being complete morons. When they came across those polynesian bouncers they were shitting themselves, so I don't know what that idiot Mark was lying about. LOL Dumbass yankies all talk but complete jokes.
7 Apr 2004

Knowitall from Bondi
Miming band was the worst I had ever seen, but THE RECKLESS WONDERS ARE BACK< should have them everynight. ROCK On
2 Apr 2004

Charl from Sydney
27 Feb 2004

I Cringely from US
Bagel hair...
24 Feb 2004

Dorker from Summer Bay
Ya flaming golllah! i reckon this pub is a ripper
24 Feb 2004

PB from Narrabeen
Vile wanker dump
24 Feb 2004

Svante Nilsson from Sweden
We stayed in Sydney for 7 weeks and 3WM was the place we spend most of our time, when we were drunk will say! It´s a great place with live music every night! We just loved it!! Have fun!
11 Feb 2004

Hannah from Sweden
love it!
8 Feb 2004

Lukas from Switzerland
Hey and the securitything... where in Australia is good security-staff? Nowhere, they are all incompetent pricks, they are nothing in their life. I hated these bloody boys
3 Feb 2004

Sarah J from Bondi
My first time in to the 3WM and Its was packed. Great atmosphere, barstaff, Brillant band on upstairs (if you can get in) I don't remember their name, Anthony and Crash something. Cute guys, and twins!!!!! Hey Nick if you read this I'd just like to say, You make me wet I wish you would have hung around I would have made it worth your while!!!!
24 Jan 2004

JJ from Sydney
The Place is one of the coolest live music venues (if you like Live band pop rock) 3WM is a place I like to call home!
21 Jan 2004

Jimmy from Hills
Great pub, packed on weekends as many have mentioned, and still reasonably full most week nights. Great music and atmosphere.
15 Jan 2004

Lance Driver from Pyrmont
A great pub that has got too popular. A lively atmosphere is one thing but this is just shoulder to shoulder madness on Fri/Sat nights. There's 2 huge lines - 1 gets you in the door to the pub section and the next get's you to the top floor dance/band/pool area. Expect to waste a large part of your night queing. It's much better during the week and you're still guaranteed a lively atmosphere without the crowds. Loads of cute backpackers to keep you entertained.
6 Jan 2004

I love the security from c.c
4 all of u who hate the security...u try puttin up with bullshit all nyt than come to u dicks!!! hehehe. its a great pub, great atmosphere and cute guys!!!! (very few though)
16 Dec 2003

Lee from Chicago, IL
I loved going to this bar! The line was long to get in sometimes, but all in all it was a good time. And great Tequilla shots... oh boy...
5 Dec 2003

Cherie from Sydney
This is a fantabulous pub! You can let loose, sing to your hearts content, dance the night away, flirt your arse off, kick someone's butt at pool, get good drinks and have fun!!! Most nights you're guaranteed you're small group will grow larger, people are so approachable and willing to party with everyone. The live music is good. Recommend starting there at 22:30 and taking it from there.
17 Oct 2003

Dude from Launceston
Thanks thing to regret is rude staff, another thing to regret is too busy, one more thing to regret is sometimes the bands are not all that nice.......
17 Sep 2003

baby from Switzerland
It's simply "wicked", me and all my friends loved this place and met there very often! Nice live's bands! Just too crowdy sometimes!Just go there and judge by yourself but you won't regret, mate!
14 Sep 2003

Clement from France
That's my best value during the week: open every night until late (which's fucking rare in Sydney!) and always crowded (even rarer) But avoid it absolutly on friday and saturday nights, except if u're found of standing in a queue for hours...
9 Sep 2003

Worst sounding PA system in the world!!!!! use to frequent the place a few years ago, and coming back in its good to see the (rubber) BAND that use to mime to the songs has GOOOONNNNEEEEEEE!!!!!
17 Aug 2003

Tom from Switzerland
This pub is just awesome, best Pub in Sydney City!!! Had some absolutely wicked partys there....great livebands.
12 Aug 2003

Cara Lucy from Cambridge,pommyland
I had a brillaint night here but the bloody door man was an absolute moron! he wouldnt let my friends in because they were too "intoxicated" haha none of us were drunk!He liked using the authority and when my friend from nz argued back he said "maybe we should discuss th is over coffee"!! haha once in a good night!!:)
10 Aug 2003

Puska from Puska Lane
It was really really really good. the best I've had!
30 Jul 2003

Kate from Wentworthville
I have had some great times at this pub. It's always a great crowd-always someone new to meet!
30 Jul 2003

nic + liz from tamworth
we had a great night!!! although we lost a bottle of johnnie walker which we wouldn't mind returned
25 Jul 2003

Madeline from Sydney
I went there last weekend and it was horrible..the queue in front of the main door was too long and that was not the only one! I had to queue to be able to go to the third level..damn!!! In addition, the band was not as good as thought!
17 Jul 2003

Jess from The Bay
Me and my friend went to three wise monk. and it was really good except the drinks are too expensive.
1 Jul 2003

misssives from sydney
jesus, probably the worst band ever on wednesday night. the singer thought he was some kind of god; but he's just a washed-up rock dinosaur ! he was extremely offensive towards the audience and i found it very unpleasant to be there.
26 Jun 2003

Mark from USS Boxer
Hey door's a good thing we were there with our girls otherwise you would have gotten your big flabby Samoan ass beaten by a few're time you might be dead. Enjoy it while it last fuck stick.
24 Jun 2003

Sideria Machado from Perth - Frematle
I was there with friends from all over the world. We adored the band, the crowd, drinks & the atmorsphere ! I'll always go back ! Awesome !
17 Jun 2003

#14 from switzerland
on my visit in sydney this pub was absolutely the best place to be!!!
1 Jun 2003

mark from sydney
fucken security, to many guys not enough women, music is awsom which does save the place.
28 May 2003

Benny from BALI
Great bar and great music. I often visit this bar (twice a month) with my friends. Good place to release your stress. Believe me, it's good place.
date unknown

Ali from Sydney
it does have an ATM! and the ice bar upstairs rocks, I keep waiting for someone to lick it...
date unknown

liz from London
This was my favourite place in Sydney, the live music and atmosphere was top!!
date unknown

Leeli from West Sydney
I really like the pub, but the security staff are complete arseholes who use to much force when trying to get you out coz your too drunk?? Look at the size of them compared to woman!!
date unknown

Danny from Malta Halta
ok, do you'se all wanna stop being me??? the person who is named Danny and supposedly from Malta, can go get herself haltered, because i am the REAL MALTA. Anyway i hate 3 wise monkeys, but i always seem to be drawn like a magnetic to the place . WILDCATS are the best band alive "fliggle giggle do dooo" and teh drummer (michael) needs some serious EYE LIFTING. Other than that, its real naaaarce. Just make sure your not within 100metres of the place when it hits about 4am, coz then you'll be in my warpath. Oh, and Scruffy Murphy's KILLS IT BRO!!!!!!
date unknown

maggie from bossley park
did i hear some claim 3WM was crap. if that was u throw yourself in the tip. THIS PLACE ROKS, great for a laugh. Synkronize (regular band) are fantastic (",)
date unknown

Flick from Sydney
I agree wholeheartedly with other posters who have commented on the appalling attitude of security staff. Definitely the worst experience I have had in a long, long time.
date unknown

Danny from Malta
the most enjoyable experience i had in syney, lots of aussie men.... scruffy murphy's was also a winner
date unknown

A from Pyrmont
this place was bloody great
date unknown

J from London
All in all not a bad place, but you have to ask yourself, why are you in this place which is full of tourists anyway when your the other side of the world? do yourself a favour and check out some real australian pubs!
date unknown

Morty from City South
People have just started to notice it, but its good for a laugh( the stairs provide entertainment) all in all not that bad.
date unknown

liz from sydney
The staff are un-friendly and incompetent, there is no atmosphere and the alcohol is so expensive. There is no way i would waste my money there when there are plenty of other good pubs in the city to choose from!
date unknown

date unknown

Peter from Newtown
This pub is hopeless. The staff are real bad with service and their attitude is appalling. The security guards (and I use the term loosely) were the worst I have seen in a long time. Wise to avoid security called Sam, he is a real prick!! My advice, stay away from this pub - it is simply no good!
date unknown

christine from sydney
ban the three wise monkeys this place sucks music is shit stuff suck and ppl there all suck will tell everyone i know and met not to go there
date unknown

Ken from New Zealand
Great pub with good music but some of the staff really SUCK! Wont be going back and will tell everyone I know that the staff are pricks!
date unknown from Painesville,Ohio,USA near Lake Erie
Would like to buy a sweatshirt or anything else you have also would like coasters menu newspaper ad with 3 monkey logo. Travel to Aust. will never happen for me. Hope to hear from you. If this does not go to 3 Mon. please forward this msg. with my e-mail address above. Thanks, Sandy
date unknown

Alen from Sydney
Good tunes on the weekend, full of backpackers and a weird Indy super dance dude. My favorite and I end up there totally mashed on a Friday night. No chance to pull a root though, but heck the beer + music compensates
date unknown

tina dressler from covington, va
how can i get a tshirt from this pub? my email is thanks!
date unknown

Robin Cote from Canada
We had an awesome time at the 3WM! A great band was playing when we discovered it. Before we came home, we went back again because it was our favourite pub. Thanks from Robin, Kathy, and Angela. aka 3 Wise Monkeys!
date unknown

Carl Nicholls from Balmain
It needs more Poms!
date unknown

James Wilkinson from Balmain
The monkeys is awesome! A fav of all the boys from Balmain AFC and the band 'Bich' on sunday nights are good too!
date unknown

ben parsons from mudgee
2 thumbs was fuckin unreal
date unknown

Jim from Sydney
Exellent music, every night TOO GROOVY on Tuesdays
date unknown

Maria from Narabeen
outstanding pub!it has everything to music and atmosphere
date unknown

Renee from Sydney
This pub has the most friendliest and cosiest atmosphere of any pub I have ever been to, not to mention the funky coloured pool tables!
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Pool: a few tables on the top floorFood: A good selection - middle rangeTV: large screen downstairs
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Jason says:

This pub's obviously popular with our readers, but guys, try and tone down the language in your comments, OK?

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