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Tea Gardens
not a bad spot when shopped out

4a Bronte Rd,
Bondi Junction

(02) 9389 3288

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Upstairs at the Tea Gardens has fairly recently been renovated and opened as 'Circa Bar'. Of course, unable to resist a new bar, off we toddled to give it the once-over. It was Karaoke Night Now don't get me wrong, some people really go off for Karaoke, but not me. Oh, no. I think in general about 80% of the world's population is utterly tone deaf, myself included, and shouldn't be allowed within thirty yards of a microphone (fifty yards if it's plugged in). Really, don't get me started. However, intrepid pub reviewers that we are, we endured. Josh even had a bit of a sing. The room itself is quitely nicely fitted out - a good mixture of seating and plenty of space, quite a long bar and a small Thai restaurant. In the corner is the stage, where the voiceless masses go to wail, and where the DJs end up on Thursday and Friday nights. All told it's quite nice. You can still tell you're in Bondi Junction, though. The stairway up is still standard tiles and echoey, and the bathrooms aren't quite as smart as the bar itself would suggest (compare and contrast, for instance, Upstairs at the Tilbury. Beer's not overpriced, though we haven't been on DJ night yet, and the Thai food sits at around the $9 mark, so you can get in a decent night for your buck. Not too bad.
review by: Jason

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Dave from Eire
Used to be a late watering hole. Emphasis on the 'late' and 'hole'.
11 May 2004

Goldie from NY
I would like to put my two cents in regarding the Musical pair on Friday. It would seem that they either have a deal with the owners, or actually work there, because it is funny that they could be booked as a "BAND"!, I dont think the hotel is a shithole, I like the crowd it draws, and the bar staff are always friendly.
1 Dec 2003

Paddy from Pearse St
Great spot i had sex in the jacks with this aussie tart i wouldn't minded but there was about ten people watching an absolute slut but she was well worth it
12 Nov 2003

Amy from sydney
i'm just not a fan of bondi junction! real shithole! pub way too busy!!!
3 Nov 2003

Jade from Coogee
been a regular for long time, had the best weekend just gone (World Cup Opening night)
13 Oct 2003

Dave from Bondi/Perth
Awesome Friday nite, Go the Wallabies, great band!!!! see you at the Final
12 Oct 2003

Jane from Kingsford
Me again, I dont think they were called that, but V Cool anyway.
3 Oct 2003

Jane from Kingsford
Loved the band the 'Doggy - Wackers' they rock my socks off.
3 Oct 2003

matt from Sydney
I agree, they have not only claimed the pubs but the whole suburb, my mates and I like to call it the Irish Getto.This pub is great for conversation and some great bands, good pool aswell.
19 Sep 2003

Edmund from Waterford
The Irish have claimed it for themselves.Not a very Irish Bar it has to be said. Its not too bad after a night clubbing?Not a good place to meet any really good people though.Hmmmmm
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Pool: three tablesTAB: main bar has extensive TAB provisionsFood: mixture of Thai and Aussie
Bottle Shop: The bottle shop is surprisingly well stockedInternet: one terminal in the main bar areaTV: lots of screeens, mostly showing TAB races. one big screen for footie
Outdoor Area: technically outdoors, the area to the left has a movable roofKaraoke: Karaoke now on in the upstairs 'Circa Bar'
Our Comments

Jason says:

I use this place mostly for those shopping days when I've had enough of the shops!

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