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recommended pub Steyne
A good and very popular spot

75 The Corso,

(02) 9977 4977
(02) 9977 5645

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And we'll be keeping an eye on changes - Today's Herald mentions a crackdown on 'Binge Drinkers' at the Steyne, for starters, so changes are afoot, for better or worse. We bade farewell to the Old Steyne recently on a vist with The Curryrunners, a group of curry and beer fanatics, and all expressed the wish that as much of the old character be retained as possible, though remarks that some things could be improved hovered over the conversation. We wish the new owners luck, and hope to be calling in soon to check out the progress.
review by: Jason

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Cliffy from Balmain
A toilet to be sure. Bouncers are very aggressive. Lots of better options in Manly. Steer well clear.
10 Jan 2005

SteveO from sydney
Saturday nights is the go, the dance floor and most of the rest of the place is smoke free so your not chocking on cancer air, the top floor is classy, and the sports bar there is bloky. prices differ between the bars so no carrying your drinks between levels ppl. dress up for upstairs night out, or come in from the beach and stay downstairs. keep clear of the entrances as that where the fights occasionally happen. and the Oportos nxt door stay open late for tastey chicken, mmmmmm chcicken.
20 Dec 2004

25 May 2004

Mix from Pyrmont
Used to be nice in summer but downstairs is a bit grotty now. Bouncers are very dodgy, been known to throw a punch or two.
21 May 2004

Louisa from Sydney
Went here the other weekend and was very shocked at how far down hill its gone. The upstairs bar has no music and no atmospere. Downstairs looks like a construction site ( and i think its left its workers there too) A No go area unless you have your safety gear on.
7 May 2004

Buck Hunter from Manly
The Wharf has the view, the Shark Bar has the entertainment, the Aqua Lounge has the yuppies - what does the "Drain" have? Gorilla's on the door, Spew on the carpet, Abuse from the goose next to you and concussion if you look the wrong way.
27 Apr 2004

Craig from Harbord
Only reason it stays in business because of the new plane load of pommy backpackers that know no better. I'm sure most don't go back twice. This plce is truely a shithole. Everyone should head to the pubs in the rocks where there is decent beer.'
20 Apr 2004

Craig from Manly
An absolute dump!!!!! Why would you ever bother? Never again!
19 Apr 2004

fran from Australia
upstairs steyne is good, once you finally get up there, sometimes the line is f*ked. To expensive to buy drinks, also a bit of music up there wouldnt go astray.
23 Mar 2004

Sarah from North Manly
They have shit bands there every week and the owner is a sleeze bag....worst place to go..try the aqua lounge ...classy.
24 Feb 2004

Loz from Brookvale
Never again, dirtiest pub I have ever been to. Dont go there!!! Cheap and nasty
24 Feb 2004

Danny from Manly
I will never go there again it smells sooo bad and the bouncers on the side door are girl basshers
24 Feb 2004

The steyne is a hole from Manly
Worst pub I have ever been to.. Stinks, bouncers attatck patrons and owners turn their head the other way.
24 Feb 2004

goose from the hiltos
look out for a guy called EgBurt who goes there. He is a liability. He picks up fate hores there all the time. Beware of Eggers!
17 Jan 2004

avril from sydney
if people cannot articulate so one can understand them, instead of swearing then I do not wish to attend
24 Nov 2003

Charlie from Manly
I actually visted the Steyne the other night and i saw a guy smash a beer bottle over his head for no reason at all and the security guards just walked away. I also got glass stuck in the soles of my feet. You couldn't walk two steps without treading on a smashed schooner glass. The place is a hole. It's dirty and it's smells of desperation. Really a shame because it used to be great.
14 Oct 2003

Leigh from Ryde
The last time I was there, a pub band was busy at work providing some of the worst covers of metal songs. Add that to the smell and the pricey nature and you have a hole.
4 Oct 2003

davie-boy from manly(of couse)
the best damn place to get shit faced on a saturday naight, after kicking the shit out of easts at manly oval!!! manly boom boom!!! i love the steyne, its for the gods in the BLUE WHITE and RED!!1
8 Sep 2003

grant from clontarf
People seem to prefer this place to the charlie bar and other such places because it is more "relaxed"...frankly i like a place with lots of music and an actual dance floor (steynes dance floor has been closed for several months now, and people are using a shitty carpeted room...who dances on carpet?? come on!). Its a bit of a hole...but i guess if you are into a few quiet drinks as opposed to going out to party, then its not too much worse than the average pub. Brookvale is definitely nicer though...then again...manly has the pick of locations...Start at the steyne...have a few rounds and move on from there...on to one of the other nightspots in manly, or catch a ferry into the city, or bus it somewhere far far away :D
11 Jul 2003

Ian from Manly (once)
...I'll just add that the Ozzie women go there to find a nice Pommy bloke who knows how to treat a woman...and obviously have bigger dicks too so I was told!
2 Jul 2003

Ian from Manly (once)
I lived up the road for a while back in 1999 and got shagged the 1st night i was there...what more can I say (other than make sure it's a Thursday!)
2 Jul 2003

Pomsareshit from Harbord
what a lovely little pub situated right in the middle of london on the beach, i can go there and talk shit with the lads and be rude and obnoxious to anyone who resembles a proper human being. In short if your a fuckwit pom backpacking i would'nt go anywhere else!!
4 Jun 2003

Pub bludger from That pub u no the one?
The pub god says who cares what the bloody pub is like anyway! If it gets the occasional pommy backpacker that can be taken advantage off then it can't be all bad. The "dumb head" locals are just that so let them be:) And best of all it has a pool comp for $150 on thursdays so go rob them.......
28 May 2003

Erin from Canada
Well, all bad comments aside, I love the Steyne. I've travelled all throughout Australia and for me the Steyne tops them all... great, relaxed atmosphere that has a little bit of everything- you can get live music, a dancefloor, or a quiet pint all in the same night. Plus the beer garden's fabulous!! Of course the Sports Bar will stink, but come on, its where all the labourers sit after work for hours on end. Ok, I'll admit, I'm biased- I used to work here!! Still, I applied beacause it was my favourite pub when I first arrived in Oz, and after travelling the entire country, realized it still held that spot in my heart! The Steyne's been witness to many a great night.
date unknown

mails from penrith
i know this guy called egburt. he picks up fat whores here.
date unknown

grant from mosman
it's good but i don't know what its like after midnight cause i always leave early, cause i'm soft
date unknown

james lansing from harbord
the round bar is hell on earth. it smells even if nobody is in there. not a place to find a bride.
date unknown

Triple Chin Mark from manly
Its ok - but its a bit rough - i dont like all that macho stuff, much prefer a quiet coffee somewhere
date unknown

big hair grant from mozman
the steyne is back, & I lead the charge!!
date unknown

gerard from manly
the steyne rocks, heaps better than the gay charlie bar or the bogan filled ivanhoe. all you losers who bag the steyne should go back to england or those toss bars in paddington
date unknown

PB from Narrabeen
It was a shithole when i first went there in the early 80s, and nothing has changed. It's not known as "The Drain" for nothing
date unknown

jay from London
you guys are right about some of the stuff you say, but how do you think aussies survive when the come to England? they get barwork in places like the steyne! Jade, you need to chill out and look at the bigger picture! You sound like a stuck up cow!
date unknown

Jade from manly
fun at times like only when your drunk beer to pricey and english staff memebers are rude as how about givin some aussies some jobs keep it in australia and for god sake update your shit music its the year 2002 not 1972 no more abba
date unknown

Nick L from Manly
As Gary said,The place does reek of smoke at the best of times however ive been back there since and found that they havn't bothered to even kleen nor repair those discusting foul toilets with the holes in the wall!. The staff members (especially the english ones) can be VERY rude.
date unknown

Mick from Manly
OK midweek except for the flat beer. Weekend stay clear, bouncers and poms
date unknown

gary marshall from sydney
What a dump! The place stinks of cigarette smoke. Look, I know, people do smoke in pubs. In this place you can go in the non-smoking areas and the place still reeks. It's is a place I will stay away from. It has a foul and disgusting smell throughout.
date unknown

Joel from Manly
The Steyne is nicknamed 'the drain' for good reasons. Not much in the way of atmosphere.
date unknown

Big Steve from Yorkshireman living in Sydney
Good Grub, not so sure about the beer? some of it very pricy (Beamish) and could be better (I'm hard to please cause I brew my own) Worth a visit, a few ales, then stagger down the Corso to the next Pub. Cheers
date unknown

Dave Whittle from Solihull U.K
Visited Manly and the Steyne during January 2001 Great pub atmosphere, good food and BEER! Something we don't get very often over here its usually only beer that O.K WE WILL RETURN ! Has anybody got the airfare?
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Pool: one room downstairs, one room up, off the courtyardATM: ATM in the main barOutdoor Area: Large multilevel courtyard surrounded by bars
Food: restaurant of the lounge barBottle Shop: Bottle Sales AvailableOpen Late: open till 3am at weekends, nightclub in the back room
TAB: TAB in the sports barTV: big screen in the main bar and other scattered throughout the pub
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