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St Patrick's Tavern
One of Sydney's top spots for picking up

King Street, Central Sydney
(02) 9262 3277

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St Pat's has some of the friendliest bar staff in Sydney. There is a particularly friendly chap by the name of Craig aka Nugget, he is the manager. Good conversation, makes you feel really welcome, and shouts you the odd beer if he likes you. Plus as a bonus they also have a South Park night on mondays for all of you fans out there. good dj's, and bands that play popular top 40 stuff, plus a really easy joint for picking up the birds!!! open till 5am. busy weekends. nb: Handy tip: Mention the name Troy from Trumps and the bar staff really treat you with style and class! Then when they close head up the road to Trumps tavern and thank Troy personally! If you're lucky you'll get one of Troy's patented back rubs! Guest review by Timothy J Beam
review by: pubguide staff

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Burky from Kilkenny
Messy drunkness, stairs, spilled beer, loose ladies- what can i say, It's great. Really can be ossified in there and still get served - its nearly expected
9 May 2004

James from London
great litlle pub I've been twice while in Sydney. Packed venue full of happy people who want to party and have a great time. Oh and sorry if you were unlucky anthony but I can can say it's not hard to pull a bird here as I did both nights I also saw the band Groove jet and the lads and I thought they were bloody great wish we had bands like that over here. Cheers Go you Aussies
2 Apr 2004

bel from sydney
great people here, the perfect place to go when ur up for a big dance, wildcatz, great cover band... if you dont like it, then ur definately a bore, snob, and should go somewhere else and keep sipping ur $9 beers, cuz we dont want ya here
8 Feb 2004

Amy from Blacktown
Who ever thinks this place stinks then dont go simple sorry its not upper class snob shit for u i have an awesome time every trip i make here n the wildcatz make it well worth the trip. I vow to return as much as possible
8 Feb 2004

Wheels from Pyrmont
I love this place. You can always get a drink no matter how pissed and can usually grab a 4am tunza, not special but she'll get the job done. Locals love it, if you don't then don't come back.
12 Nov 2003

Anthony from Sydney
The cheap drinks are the only saving grace of this pub. On weekends it's packed, however very few women and alot of pissed blokes. The bands range from bearable (Wildcatz) to downright awful (Groovejet, Pyjama Party). Think cover versions of top 40 hits sung along to backing tapes.
27 Oct 2003

james b lansing from brissie
i got lucky..its you not the place if you missed out
date unknown

elana from sydney
funny that i also witnessed a punch up here between two girls cos one was supposedly eyeing up her boyfriend. It's a dark, smelly place, like scruphy's full of desperate drunk men trying to pull. I too andy have not returned!
date unknown

Andy from Sydney
Full of drunk westy chicks dancing and drunk westy guys standing watching. I started dancing with these two girls and when i started flirting with one the other got upset and they had a punch up! i was dumbfounded. meanwhile my mate was almost getting into a big fight with some large ethnic gentlemen, so we left soon afterwards and vowed never to return.
date unknown

Munira from Brazil
Very nice place, good music, good drinks (Quick Fuck, B-52, Screamimg Orgasm)!!!
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