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Soup Plus
Excellent Jazz venue,

383 George Street,

(02) 9299 7728

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Soup Plus is most definitely open. It is the same as always, live Jazz six nights a week, George is in the kitchen, and the soup is still on the boil. Monday night is big band night, with montly residencies for Sydneys great big bands, including Don Barnetts Big Band and Brad Childs Big Band. For the rest of the week there is a great selection of Sydneys hotest talent, including the back bone of the Sydney scene, and the new up and coming musicians.
review by: ken

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dan from paddington
4 a non hiphop venue i gotta say its a dam good place 2 kick back n blaze sack with sum laidback beats
3 Feb 2004

Brad Haines from Penrith
Never really was into jazz,to a bunch of friends introduce me to this great i can't get enough of it!
2 Feb 2004

Gary from Newcastle
Its brilliant news to hear that Soup Plus is back in business. I was one of only thousands I'm sure that was shocked to when this Sydney icon was forced to close. I'm now in my fifties and started going to Soup plus when I was young Uni student and I'm still a regular even though I live 'up the Coast' in Newcastle. This place has been for more than 30years an integral part of my life. In Japanese parlance, it is a 'living item of cultural heritage'. May it live forever.
14 Aug 2003

john mourn from tassie
the music is quality and the space is equal on all four sides. lovve the nachos and double cheese
24 Jul 2003

Kim from Hornsby
The Matt Baker Trio are awesome. I've been coming to Soup since i was 15, thats almost 5 yrs and i love it!
28 Jun 2003

Mike from livin' in the city
what a brilliant drinks & food to the tune of awesome jazz every nite!! best time ever with james carnegie quartet two weeks ago.
20 May 2003

Mike Votano from Kenthurst
The Soup is the Best Eva, they are always up for giving young kids a go. Don't worry if your not 18 cause you are allowed into the joint. If your an up and comming muso bring down your horn and have a jam with some of sydneys greatest jazz musos and maybe Jill will give you a gig there. It happened to me.
date unknown

Albert from Auckland
Alongside the opera house as the two best things in sydney
date unknown

Adam from Telopea
I love Soup, its just the most awesome jazz hole in the world. I love the smell of the place, its like an old attic or the space under my house. I hope it never changes.
date unknown

Takeshi from Tokyo, Japan
Very glad to hear that Soup Plus is back!
date unknown

Ellen from Sydney
Soup's closed. It's very sad :(
date unknown

Scruffy Burke from Katoomba
Cool cats hangout
date unknown

Tim from Sydney
Very cool and very the place.
date unknown

Murray from Across the road
Well get in quickly kids, the rent's doubled in the last few years and Mr Votrubek can't afford to keep losing money. He's closing the doors on December 14th, 2002...
date unknown

jen from sydney
This is one of my all time favorites. I had my 18th birthday here a few years ago, and it was great! the music is all class, service is friendly, and the atmosphere is very chilled out. the only downside to the soup is that it gets very hot. I stepped outside for 5 mins to cool down and missed my birthday song!
date unknown

Niksu from Finland
I found it by mistake in 1992, while I lived in Oz. Staff was very friendly and they even had a Finlandia vodka.. Music was excellent and I just loved it. Thanks
date unknown

Ash from Armidale
Soup plus was the best night club in the world i loved the jazz and the friendly people. This club should stick around for others to enjoy
date unknown

Lachlan Hamilton from Glenorie
Bloody fantastic venue. Especially for someone like me who's under 18 and can't get into most other jazz clubs. You can always be assured a great night whenever you go! Inexpensive food makes it all better, and it's delicious!
date unknown

Jeff from Sydney
i'm a 15year old. Hard to find a teens who love jazz...but this venue is excellent, great food, service, music and most of all the atmosphere suits the perpose of playing jazz, the kind of brassy feel.
date unknown

Sarah from Pennant Hills
The Matt Baker Band rocks! So does the soup.
date unknown

Alison from Sydney
I love Soup Plus. The atmosphere is great, and the music is fantastic. It is definitely a place to go at least once.
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Live Music: Live Jazz every night - some brilliant bandsFood: Hence the name - from soup to steaks
Our Comments

Jason says:

This is one that needs to be preserved for the future. I want my kids to go here, so it has to be around for at least another 20 years, OK?

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