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Slip Inn
Sometime haunt of the rich and famous

111 Sussex St,
Sydney CBD

(02) 8295 9999

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Slip Inn is a great after work venue. I especially love thursday nights which is Boogaloo Night, which is basically really funky Brazilian music. It's the Jeanne Bastos and Brazilian Funk Fusion. It starts at 5:30 and it has a tapas BBQ, I tried the spanish lamb sausages which comes with chunky white bread and a salsa dip. spicy but yummy. The nicest place in slip inn is the outdoor section. It has a real Italian feel with bougoinvillia growing everywhere. The whole space is decorated with fairy lights and candles and it is so relaxing to sit out in the open air.. Although it's right next to the highway, once you get into the music, it's barely noticable. There were quite a few suits there and english accents, it's a bit of a smarter venue but still relaxed and the downstairs bar - the Chinese Laundry has a wonderful feel to it. With it's red walls and really comfy chairs, it's a good place to mingle, to watch the band or to just sit back and drink. Boogaloo Night is free on Thursdays and the music is really funky, really groovy with a really energetic lead singer who gets you right into it.
review by: ebbye

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Michelle from Randwick
Love this place. Fell in love with my husband there 2 and a bit years ago. In the cave! first pash:)
15 Apr 2004

Cliffy from Balmain
Since it's been 'done up' all in red it looks like a cross between a brothel and the inside of Count Dracula's castle. Still worth a look for the courtyard on a Friday night which is usually packed with chicks.
17 Dec 2003

corey from newtown
very hot girls who dont have this is a bar.
8 Dec 2003

18 Nov 2003

olivier from paris
slip is perhaps the most stylish yet unpretentious bar i have ever entered.although the crowd appear so hip,cool,funky, etc they are the most relaxed and friendly bunch of people you will ever come across, a quality found very rarely in hip bars these days.p.s the women bartenders in sand bar are not only gorgeous but actually are an intelligent lot.
9 Nov 2003

Leigh from Ryde
This pub is quality. Nice food, great cocktails, a fine outdoor area and nice company. You won't see too many sruffy battlers in here, but you will find middle-class people looking for a relaxing fun time. And that's exactly what the Slip Inn provides. It's quite large but rarely empty, and you're almost guaranteed to find people willing to share a few drinks and a game of pool with you at any time. A brilliant pub.
4 Oct 2003

Suzie from London
I want to go back to Sydney! I loved this bar, very cool, especially outside in the summer. Any Aussie guy want to marry a beautiful Pom...?
28 Aug 2003

christine from sydeny
its ok i guess might go back
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Outdoor Area: sunny aspect
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