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Skybar (Redfern)
Home 'o the Sydney Kings, apparently

106 George Street,

(02) 9690 0610

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Reviews available:
Errata (22 Aug 2003)

We recently posted a comment stating, in error, that Skybar was closed. This statement was based on incorrect information, and we can assure readers that Skybar is open for business as of the time this review is posted. We apologise for any confusion caused.
review by: Jason

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Bullpit Billie from Redfern
Are you kidding? This little shithole is Shane Heales attempt at extracting a few more $ from Kings fans. Shit beer, shit service, shitty excuse for a bar . . just generally CRAP. Ummm can I get a 6"inch sub with that schmiddie Shane? How did you manage to get more atmosphere in the Subway you own than the Bar you own . . .its a miracle !
8 Jan 2005

olivia from Penrith
Skybar is the best! The staff are really nice (girls, check out broke!) And its the Sydney Kings fan club HQ! Check it out people!
18 May 2004

Karol from Redfern
i may b biased as my mate is DJin dere on thurs an fri nites but dey have couple pool tables music is good drinks well priced and pokies r downstairs overall good place
26 Nov 2003

Sarah from Darlington
Well, we happend upon it by accident as the friend we were supposed to meet at the pub ax the road didn't turn up and there was a heavy dude whose stares we didn't appreciate so out we went to try out another pub. That is when we stumbled upon Skybar. The fact they have a bar upstairs made us feel safe so we could relax and enjoy the evening. There was some sort of Talent Show on - it was great. After all we had a good night out. Can't wait to go back.
9 Sep 2003

Lauren from Chippendale
I happened to be at Skybar with some friends for the Mundine fight, and tell you what! It was a fantastic atmosphere. Mind you Mundine is also a local which helped, and the fact he won also helped. Great place. Definitely go back.
9 Sep 2003

Renata from Redfern
One of the rare original styles around town. Forget the boring Australian Idol on TV - this is THE venue - check it out Friday nights. The Original Indeginous Talent Quest leaves the Austraian Idol for dead... check out all the great local talent here. Another local great, Michael Donovan does the alternate Fri with the Talent Quest.
22 Aug 2003

Stephen from Skybar
Guys SKYBAR IS NOT CLOSED, we had a problem with the shop underneath putting their for lease sign on our part of the building!!! Skybar is open, also please note BISTRO IS OPEN FOR LUNCH 7 DAYS Steve
21 Aug 2003

brandi from redfern
The Skybar has NOT closed! Great facilities but not much else happening. Shit atmosphere and the bistro doesn't even open for lunch on the weekends!!
11 Aug 2003

elwyn from terrigal
it was a dodgy location with a better better pub across the road.
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