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Big, loud and young. And the sharks are gone now.

127 Liverpool Street
(02) 9267 6364

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Not exactly upmarket, and not exactly one of our favourites, but it seems to attract hundreds of people.

The Shark Bar is essentially one huge room, which reminded me of a holiday camp bar, the sort you'd get at a big caravan park. So not that tempting then?

The clientele is all young and boisterous, with a large asian contingent, it's loud and busy, and that's about it. It's also not quite what you'd call tasteful - it has a 'bikini bar' - but if you're into that kind of thing, feel free.

We'd rather go to the Century, but if you like it loud and young, go for it. it's open very late at weekends.

Oh, and the sharks aren't there any more. Don't worry about it, they weren't as impressive as you'd think from looking at the posters.
review by: pubguide staff

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Cherie from Sydney
It's like you've stepped into Asia... and they'll kick your arses at pool too. The entire floor is filled with pool tables, bright lights, it's open-plan but really only recommended for the start of a big night. Although the boys will like it. Think drunk girls bending over for a shot at pool... mega cleavage and sexy butts. Go have a ball (make sure you get them all in).
17 Oct 2003

mr. cream from sydney
a huge lifeless and no atmosphere place. a waste of space.
date unknown

DrEvil from Pymble
Shark bar is boring and rather lifeless
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