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A cosy little Irish local with plenty of stuff to do.

87-91 Abercrombie Street,
(off Cleveland Street),

(02) 9310 5133
(02) 9310 5144

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We note the Shannon as one of the few pubs in Central Sydney with a dartboard - we know of only a couple of others. It's friendly, homely, and another local pub where appearances matter little.

Dominated in the main bar by a large circular stained glass window (where the stage is for live music), it's a very informal and friendly joint. There are two pool tables for a quick game of stick, but if you're more into the whisper of the feathered flight, the dartboard is at the foot of the stairs. There's a bistro menu available, but on our most recent visit we were invited to partake of delivery pizza courtesy of the locals! top quality and a good place to head for if you're skint and in the area.

For a local, it's a good spot for a quiet game of pool or darts - but I probably wouldn't make a long trip for it. There's better in the area.

review by: pubguide staff

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gone from elsewhwre
could be good, pity about the slimy bar manager.
13 May 2004

Patrica from Redfern
What a miserable place. Filthy and full of drunk losers. I'd go around the corner to the Rose or any other pub for that matter. The only thing in its favour is that it makes you really appreciate a good pub.
25 Feb 2004

Pete from Chippendale
A complete dive. Full of pissed middle aged yobos.
24 Feb 2004

mel from aus
great pub. do visit. thank you for the compliment RT but I dont work there anymore. Still I like to drink there sometimes. And i dont know who u are. But thanking you.
23 Jan 2004

Rich T from England
barmaid Mel is an absolute babe, hope i see her in december.
10 Aug 2003

peta from glebe
Hey you cant go wrong with a pub with a free bbq on sundays!!!
22 Jul 2003

homeless from the streets of Chippendale
Great place for squatters!
15 Jul 2003

The Seedy Shannon from Garry Glitters asshole
Full of sleazy barman and low life sad, insecure alcoholic punters.
15 Jul 2003

james from ireland
Absolutely fab, Best Irish pub away from Ireland!!! Friendly, genuine and great mix of people.
3 Jul 2003

Pool Obsession from your girlfriends place?
Start a pool comp for $100 and i'll be there.
30 May 2003

Semi and Porn from Chippo
A sunny place for Irish folks
date unknown

brad from uk
top pub, friendly staff, good atmosphere and the best pint of guinness in sydney !!
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Dartboard: The dartboard is up at the back, near the stairsFood: Bistro menu availablePool: One downstairs, one up
Jukebox: In the corridor near the pool table - lots of classic rockIrish: Landlord Pat is Irish through and throughOutdoor Area: Beer Garden out back
Live Music: Occasional live music under the big windowTV: Usually showing sport
Our Comments

Jason says:

The food at the Shannon is well worth a try - cheap and hearty helpings to be enjoyed with a beer - luvverly!

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