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A focal point in a quiet spot

200 Devonshire Street,
Surry Hills

(02) 9319 6883
(02) 9310 1345

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The Shakespeare sat on its corner on Devonshire Street like an old friend, even though I'd never been there. I walked past a lot of times, but usually on the way back home, or on the way to town. I started going there recently. It's a curious little pub. Across the road is nifty fish restaurant Mohr Fish - which has a constant queue for tables. As a result of this, the overflow usually makes for the Shakespeare where they mingle with the locals while waiting for a seat. Ask the guys at Mohr nicely and they'll call you when there's a table free. In the evenings the overspill often ends up out on the street corner where the buzz of conversation continues unabated. You'd be lucky to get a table on a Thursday or Friday evening The TAB in the corner usually does a brisk trade, as does the bar. The Shakespeare, decor-wise, is pretty threadbare, but it seems to work. The locals seem to occassionally resent the interlopers in their midst, especially when one does something out-of-place (on a recent visit, one guy fell off his chair in the middle of the bar, eliciting much muttering and head shaking), but there never seem to be harsh words exchanged.
review by: Jason

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Cal from Ireland
I lived around surry hills for three years. I love drinking and LOVED the shakey. The place felt cosy, the staff were cool and the beer was excellent. It was a real drinkers pub. You wouldn't pick up a women there, but it had everything else - maybe because of the no pickup thing :) The only bar I miss from Aus.
20 Jan 2005

Brendan from Henley
Had a good night upstairs although walking down the narrow staircase all night to the toilets was a bit of hassel. Bit smoky and crowded upstairs but the quick and friendly service from Bridgette made it worthwhile
9 Jun 2004

Lil from Stanmore
I thought it a great place, nice atmosphere and plenty of old blokes to boot. Unfortunately my drink got spiked there, so be carreful!
13 May 2004

Sarah from Annandale
The bar man Richard is very rude, take him away and the pub is great!
13 May 2004

Matt from the North East of Melbourne
Living around the corner for a year saw the Shakey form my second living room. An antidote to every polished-metal/wood yuppie bar you've ever walked out of.
19 Nov 2003

Nick Dubberley from Adelaide
I will never forget my first schooner of Reschs Draught in the front bar!Too bad you can't get it here in SA!
date unknown

Steve Wyss from Warrensburg, Mo. USA
I too found the sheakespeare Pub a few years back on a trip I made to Sydney. I was made to feel like family emmediately. They did there job too well, I'm afraid, and I hardly left the place the whole month i spent in Australia. Poor me another and please remember the "Shakey"
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Our Comments

Jason says:

We've recently tried the $5 steak deal, and I was more impressed than my companions - who all ordered rare and got well-done. I asked for well done and got charred, which I actually like... (4 Aug 2003)

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