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You've got to love it for what it is!

182 St Johns Road,

(02) 9692 0822

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Reviews available:
Roxbury (20 May 2003)

This one used to be my local so it has a special little place in my heart, if simply for the fact that it was rolling distance from home. Located on St John’s Street in Glebe it is somewhere that you would only go if you knew it existed. Despite advertising as “Sydney’s Premiere Live Music Venue” (the words false advertising or perhaps wishful thinking spring to mind here…) you do not get the feeling that people have flocked from miles around for their visit. It has a fair crowd most nights, mainly comprised of students from nearby Sydney Uni and young Glebe residents. There is also the strange regular couple who are prone to falling asleep in the corner during trivia and bumming cigarettes off the punters, who offer their share of entertainment. The bar has two levels. The first floor is really where all the action is. It features blond polished floorboards and slightly cafeteria style furniture (think chrome chairs, pine tables and bottle green couches). The front area tends to be quieter, for those opting for a chat rather than entertainment in the back area. The Roxbury is great for community entertainment, with something on most nights of the week, activities ranging from trivia, movie nights, comedy and live music on Friday. Upstairs there are some pool tables, a function area and small bar. Throughout my many trips to this place I do have one long standing grip – the lighting levels. They only rarely get it right. It is either way too bright and not entirely comfortable or flattering (if you rock up in the later part of a drinking session it can be down right scary!) or just dark (not sexy dark corners dark, just most of the lights switched off). If they got this right it would do a lot to warm the ambience up a bit. The bar staff are pretty cool – willing to swap a few witty comments while they pull your beer and prices are in the low to medium range. Food is average in taste and price, they often do cheap pasta nights, which is a blessing when on a tight budget. It may seem that I have been a little harsh, especially taking my opening comment into account. It is not that I think that the Roxbury is no good, on the contrary – it’s great. But you just have to love it for what it is and what it could be if they fixed the lighting!
review by: Katie Haire

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Rob from Annandale
It is hard to believe that you can still get a good feed for $5, but the chicken schnitzel I had here on Sunday was great. Ill be back for it again.
6 May 2004

Katie-Sue from Glebe
The Roxbury would have to be one of my fave haunts in Sydney......and there are a lot of pubs in this town. For those of you out there that think the Roxbury has no atmosphere then you obviuosly have no personality!! The staff and the locals at the Roxbury (and of course the icy cold beer) are what you go there for. Keep it up guys....i will definately be comng back for more...and more...and more!!!
18 Mar 2004

Kate from Annandale
Had a function here last week. What a great venue. Good DJ, great sevice, and fantastic food. Cannot recomend this place enough
16 Feb 2004

David from Glebe
A couple of reviews have commented on the lack of or bad atmosphere in the pub, they have recently painted the front rooms and boy does it look better than those boring cream walls that were there before. Good job fellas!!!
16 Feb 2004

Steve from Surry Hills
Saw a live accoustic act here last Thursday, Simon and Attalana, Fantastic venue had a great night
5 Feb 2004

Justin from Glebe
Went here on Wednesday (last night) for $3 pasta and trivia night. What a fun AND cheap night.
15 Jan 2004

John from Glebe
Saw a great band here last Thursday call Bazzas Blues Band. Had an intimate atmosphere that still allowed you to have a conversation with people. Not a bad feed either.TBone steak for under $10
14 Jan 2004

Brett from Newtown
The review from May 20 2003 doesn't make the Roxbury sound very nice but I had a meal there not long ago and it was great. There are new owners so maybe they have changed things.
13 Jan 2004

Brent from Coogee
The Roxbury has the atmosphere and decor of a staff cafeteria. Say no more.
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Food: Decent menu with a good range, including cheap pastasLive Music: 7.30 Thursdays - The White Room accoustic session. FREEDJs: DJs Friday and Saturday
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