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Rosebery Hotel


569 Botany Rd,

(02) 9698 2132

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steve s from rosebery
A UNIQUE HOTEL: surely the only pub that continuosly goes from BAD TO WORSE and seems prould of it
16 Mar 2005

Vodaphone Company from Rosebery
The dark chinese girl in the bar closest to the beer garden, is very very rude. Has a BIG problem with customer service. You are always waiting for her to serve you while she's on her moblie, or reading the paper, then when she serves you ...very unpolite. Not a great person to represent your business Pulled out a wine cork with her teeth as god only knows where her teeth and mouth had been, then once I refused to have the glass of wine, she maintained she was in the right and I had to have the glass because it was already poured and rung up. Had major attiude when I refused the glass of wine.
8 Jun 2004

I found the place to be an extremely comfortable place to eat and drink.The staff are very friendly and courteous , the beer extremely refreshing and the food delicious
27 Mar 2004

gary from surry hills
I made the mistake of going here on a hot day, surely this is the only pub in Sydney without Air Conditioning, I felt guilty about interupting the biggish bargirl in having to get off her arse to serve a drink, which was an effort to pour, my first and last visit .. a must to avoid
24 Feb 2004

Rosebery Caryard from Rosebery
Dave is very unpolite and doesn't help anyone unless you know sports. Because of this guy we take our business elsewhere. The managers have know idea what he does (attuide wise) that makes people stop coming back, but then there not that great either.
27 Jan 2004

george from rosebery
the hotel reminds me of scenes from fawlty towers, food ordinary, bar service often not available, atm always empty no air conditioning a bit of a shocker really
19 Dec 2003

janette from beaconsfield
hey robert when in a fight lead with your hands not your mouth you wanker or at least have your girlfriend there to protect you, ha ha
9 Nov 2003

jodie from rosebery
steven, i am surprised you still bag the rosebery because your boyfriend left you, get over it
16 Sep 2003

Andrew from Bankstown
This is my work local. I can't understand the criticism of this pub. I reckon it's the best in Sydney. The "old lady in the front bar" is actually a bloody good barmaid. You can go there when it's five deep at the bar and somehow you'll be served before you know it (onya Annie!). I honestly don't know who the "asshole" in the back bar is, but Pete and Dave are both thorough gentlemen, and Cathy and Heidi are lovely. There are a few casual staff I don't know, but they've always been good. I also don't see how the food preparation area is anything other than spotless. The Rosebery is a workers pub with a mix of blue collar and white, and an influx of new people from the trendy apartmnets opening up around it. It's still a basic, friendly, well-run pub, and remarkably devoid of wankers. You'd almost think I was on their payroll. I ain't. No pub is perfect, but this is a favourite of mine.
31 Aug 2003

Helen from Victoria
Old lady in the front bar is very unclean,when wiping down things.Very workers style hotel. Food not so good and workers in the food section unclean.
22 Aug 2003

Steven from Rosebery
2 of the Tab bar staff are friendly and helpful, but avoid wednesdays,thursdays and saturdays. You'll get an asshole who isn't pleasant. Managers drink all day, so if your at there table they'll shout. Tab bar's the go on Mondays, Tuesday's, Fridays, and Public on Sundays. Free Sausage sizzle on Sundays.
22 Aug 2003

John from Sydney
A complete shithole. Avoid.
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