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recommended pub Rose
wonderfully eccentric

54 Cleveland Street,
(cnr Cleveland and Shepherd Streets),

(02) 9318 1133

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I'm personally very fond of this pub. Besides the marvellously eclectic decor (fairground knick knacks, asymmetric tables, painted ceilings, stone cherubs and laughing clowns). It has one of the best beer gardens in this part of Sydney, consisting of a large canvas-covered area with cocktail bar, food, large-screen TV and pots and pots of trailing plants.

We're told it's been painted in stages by a 'resident artist' - and the effect is superb - one of the pub's most striking features is its decor.

Food is a popular option here, in the partially-covered restaurant out back. You can sit with a beer and a pizza accompanied by birdsong and the chatter of a young, enthusiastic crowd. It's not too far from the student areas, but then it's not too close either, so the mixture of clientele is well varied.

Unfortunately, on our most recent review visit, we were refused permission to take pictures. We'll be having a word about this, and hope to have some shots of the decor and an updated review to tempt you in at a later date.
review by: pubguide staff

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Stevesmissus from Penrith
So i heard a really bad story about the food here once, but went there nethertheless and i loved it. As mentioned the decor for this place is fantastic, the food was really really good (although on the higher side of the pub bistro budget), and with the right entertainment i imagine that this place would be rocking friday,saturday and sunday.
31 Mar 2005

Mikey from Redfern
Amazing decor . . . and it has changed hands recently so hopefully pics can be took and shown. Unfortunately inthe past it was the only reason to visit the place as the prices were in the CBD range and the service a bit on the ordinary side. Heres hoping!
7 Jan 2005

Phillip from Chippo
I think the Rose is one of the best pubs in Sydney. The prices are a little over the top but the staff and patrons are always great.
25 May 2004

El Bizarro from Sydney
The Rose allows police sniffer dogs to enter and hassle their patrons. The night I was there, 2 guys who had nothing on them were forced to submit to a humiliating search. The pub has the right to refuse entry to police sniffer dogs but they choose not to. I'll be boycotting this pub and others like it until they learn to respect the civil rights of their patrons and realise who pays their bills.
17 May 2004

steve from redfern
the beer is tooi expensive for the area!
13 Apr 2004

Matt from Chippo
Nice pub, but way overpriced food and the drinks aren't cheap either. It would be far more attractive as a destination if they brought these down a bit.
1 Apr 2004

Frank from Darlington
What a great pub. It makes up for shockers like the Shannon which is very poorly managed and really should be put out of its misery.
25 Feb 2004

Mark from Zetland
You drive past it all the time and finally I had a chance to wander in. What a great place. Perfect for a few quiet lagers on a hot Australia day afternoon. Haven't tried the food so can't comment on that but I love the atmosphere.
26 Jan 2004

Adrian from Sydney
The Rose is a marvellous pub with great ambiance however the food is way overpriced - seriously $16 for a Ceasar salad - i dont think so!
27 Nov 2003

Ian from Marrickville
It's always been a great pub. Itr's changing rapidly after changing hands, but hopefully will keep its character. I'm guessing the post from ":(nooo don't delete me" indicates that he/she got whipped by Brian on the pool table? Rather than slagging off the locals, perhaps get some practice and go somewhere else?
12 Oct 2003

Chris from Glebe
I've been to many pubs and as a licensee I always have my eye out for what makes a truly great drinking experience. Recently the Rose was sold. I cried to think that I could have been the owner of such a fine establishment in such a liquid market in a growth area such as this. With so much potential I just hope that the new owners have the respect to keep the place pure. So many Sydney pubs are heading towards the polished floorboards/ no atmosphere/ "trendy" bars. Lets hope the drinkers companion/ community centre/ "turn up alone but be welcomed by all" style pub survives this all to impersonal era. Cheers
2 Jul 2003

:(nooo don't delete me from your backyard
Great pub don't like skinny guy with red hair although everybody else seems too wankers!
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Outdoor Area: an excellent outdoor restaurant, with partial canvas coverTV: one screen graces the main barFood: The restaurant is very popular
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