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A positive haven

29 Birchgrove Road,

(02) 9810 1151

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It's Anzac Day, and the pubguide is heading en masse to Balmain. Well, not quite en-masse, there's three of us for the moment to be joined by more later. First stop? Riverview Tucked away just off Darling Street, you might as well be in another world from the busy main strip of Darling Street just round the corner, such is the refined feeling here. It's just after 1pm, and a smattering of locals is enjoying the peace before the inevitable explosion which happens to pubs on Anzac Day, and we're quite hapy to do the same for now. Steinlager is on special for $2.50 a bottle, so we order a couple of those and a Guinness, at a nice reasonable price, and take up station on the leather sofa at the back of the pub and settle in. There's a quiet buzz of chatter, and some easy music plays at very low volume, but what really struck me was how quiet the place was. Not in the number of punters, since we were sharing the pub with about fifteen or so others, but in how no-one was shouting, or even talking much above a whisper. The newspapers were receiving a lot of attention and the pece was occasionally broken y a cough or a light laugh. What a great spot. The decor is wooden, well worn and with the nautical theme which numerous Balmain pubs adopt, including a large 'Southampton Docks' poster and a set of nautical prints. There's a great mixture of seating - low chairs, medium and tall bar stools, the leather sofas we adopted and even a church pew, there's food ranging from Meat pies to a restaurant menu, and ATM, TVs (low volume, of course) and $2.40 schooners on a Thursday. I think I might find myself over this way again some time in the future!
review by: Jason

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PubGoer from Balmain
Sorry to hear about the Rive following the Pokie path - new owners recently, so I was waiting to see how it went. It is a shame as it is one of the true "locals" of Balmain - and it would be a shame to see it go own the path some of the other pubs have taken.
29 Mar 2005

Watch from This Space
OH NO, new publicans doing the Pokies Two Step ! Say goodbye to the Riv as its about to plunge headlong into Quagmire of Faceless Pokie Dens. All the fantastic Riv staff have gone and the patrons are being shit on. Farewell Rive I have loved thee long and well. You will be mourned.
26 Mar 2005

Bullpit Billie from DArlington
Ahhh so sad! The management has changed. Meg and Dan will be missed as was "Debbie from Ireland" when she was working there. Great little pub with triff locals.
7 Jan 2005

Quiche from Rozelle
Its you bohemian, older type crowd. Mainly pissed and merry. What pubs used to be like in Balmain. Social joints.
8 May 2004

Debbie from Ireland
The only place I've had Guinness better than at the Riverview is home in Ireland. You feel welcome here, people are friendly, its your classic local, unfortuantely this is a rare find these days.
1 Feb 2004

cam sprague from nz
awsom hosta meg and dan
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