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Red Lion
Well presented with a large balcony area

726 Darling Street,

(02) 9555 7933

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Cliffy from Balmain
Terrible food - really very bad indeed. The only good reason to come here used to be the quiz night which was one of the best in Sydney. Unfortunately they changed quiz masters from a really fit, intelligent blonde girl to a bloke who had no idea at all of how to put together a decent quiz. Mate - if you read this - it's NOT a good idea to... 1. make 50% of the questions SO preposterously obscure that people can only have a wild guess at the answer. 2. Make the remainding 50% of questions (and a good deal of the 1st 50%) so focussed on Australia when a good 50% of this pubs business comes (or used to come) from a pretty large backpackers over the side of the road. Not really worth a visit anymore.
10 Jan 2005

PubGoer from Balmain
I go here to watch the fights. Great place to watch them. Dropped in at other times and found the place allright - but better pubs close by for the quite, after work ale.
21 Dec 2004

Quiche from Rozelle
The Red Lion has the worst bar staff in Sydney. Arrogant, real dumb, real rude. The Beer is ok, the TV,Sport is good. The music is disgraceful, and upstairs serves "Schmiddies" which are an insult. Overall its fairly seedy. 4/10
8 May 2004

Danny from Rozelle (with bells on)
Good to see some of the bands back, wheres SOAP OPERA (Macca)?
2 Apr 2004

angry from rozelle
its gota be consistently the saddest bar in the world. the bar staff are, well pathetic, and as roger fukin rogerson drinks there, says it all. all you cop luvas go and feel at home,,,,,
28 Mar 2004

Stephen from Balmain
The new Acoustic Lounge on Thursday nights is fantastic! I was there last night (30th Oct) and the acts were of an excellent standard! Brings a new face to the pub! Keep the Acoustic Lounge going!
30 Oct 2003

Luke from Canada Bay
yea weird night Friday
27 Oct 2003

George from Lilyfield
Great new surroundings, love the change, I follow Maxine on this and ask "Is that a regular band on Fridays?, because I do believe she is singing over the top of a CD", I think in Rozelle we could do better. Great Food , DONT CHANGE THAT!
25 Oct 2003

Marcus from Lilyfield
Great atmosphere, friendly staff, Friday nights upstairs have a DJ's playing funky house and breaks. Laid back atmosphere with great prices behind the bar. Checkit
16 Oct 2003

Dunc from Rozelle
Great pub to watch the footy at, or a boxing match. good size TV's. nice atmosphere.crap pool table though.
9 Sep 2003

Maxine from Balmain
Nice Pub, but did you realize that the band you had playing on Friday Night 16th August 03 was actually miming to the songs. a bit poor.....
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