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Random Bar
formerly the Britannia, recently re-opened

103 Cleveland Street,

(02) 9699 5315

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The Brendan Behan, formerly known as the Britannia Hotel, has now re-opened as 'Random Bar'. Our preliminary review will be ready shortly.

Please call back soon, or add your comments with the form below

(25 Feb 2002)
review by: pubguide staff

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Your kidding from arent you
Krystal (the name says it all) and Sarah are the hench-b**ches of the wholly detestable mail-order-bride skanky ex-publican.
8 Jan 2005

Bullpit Billie from Darlington
Hmmm . .. the comment from the North shore bunch confuse me! Oddly enough the much loathed ex-publican Bev just happened to reside in those parts. Bye Bev may you get your just desserts in the level of hell reserved for people like you.
7 Jan 2005

Mikey from just up the road
Too slow folks, the Random Bar is Gone! As is the much detested Publican. Like the old saying goes "A fish stinks from the head" and this publican-ess was a fine example. Her unbelievable behaviour was only bettered by her choice of staff who managed to take crap service to a whole new and crappier level. The place has a lick of paint thrown over it and a new and immediately forgettable name . . . unfortunately this pub has not been worth a visit since the mid 1990's (when it was the Brittania for a while) though that may change with the new folk in charge. Yup, not new owners, just new management and as a "local" . . well, I dont care as there are more than a few excellent pubs in the area.
7 Jan 2005

An from Broadway
Nice dry wine, good pooltable. Enjoyable!
4 Apr 2004

Mark from Zetland
Sunday afternoon on a glorious Spring day and whilst walking home with the weekly shopping popped into the Random bar, randomly. Nice place, well priced and the best way to finish of a vgood day
19 Oct 2003

Barney Gumble from Cant Remember
I love the fact that you guys sell beer and other forms of alcohol, keep it up! What happened to that girl who used to work there, her name was Opal or Ise or something...?
22 Sep 2003

sonic death monkey from newtown
after having lived in way to close proximity to this shithole for near 12 months, I can say with some authority that this is one of the shittest pubs in sydney. go down the street to a real pub for god's sake, the only thing this pub's got going for it is the second rate juke box they finally put in, that is when the second rate djs aren't "spinning vinyl" (or using their cd mixers or whatever). crap service, crap music, crap atmosphere. and what's the deal with the freakin lion?
14 Aug 2003

Matt from Broadway
THis pub definitely has the best food in Sydney!! Clean, attractive and the place to go with friends for a great time. The Dj on Friday and Saturday nights is cool as, drinks are cheap as well
5 Aug 2003

dj Curlz from the depths of hell
One of your more quality sh*tholes.
15 Jul 2003

gurgi from craptek
Well, the licensee walks around like she’s smelling a pungent pile of shit. The word 'loyalty' does not exist in the establishment. Staff Attitude: get your drink, and leave me the f**k alone! Great place to get drunk after work. Definitely not a place I would consider going to otherwise! Can count on friendly locals to provide a good atmosphere. Triv nights aren't bad either.
15 Jul 2003

Rob from Newtown
Can't go past a good happy hour. It has a great atmosphere, the food and service are great. Especially from the lovely Punky (She knows who she is). I know I'll be back.
8 Jul 2003

Pub Bludger from that pub you no the one
MMM used to be the Brendhan Behan Yes? God i hope the liscensee that was there then is now gone. What a goose! he kicked me out for winning to many pool comps lol :) He called it anti social and nobody liked me anyway:( If your reading GOOSE here's the big FINGER. and may you be muelsing sheep somewhere near Brewarina.Oh heres to the sexy little irish eyes behind the bar luv your work :)
30 May 2003

Krystal from Vaucluse
you should update the photo of the inside because the interior is the creme de la creme of cleveland street
22 May 2003

sarah from double bay
considering its such a smi scummy area, the random bar is full of class class and more class. Great place on weekends for everyone, great bistro (yum yum) and cheap and its also great for uni students during the day coz its just down the road!
22 May 2003

Todd from Work across the way
they've got a long happy hour from 12 - 7 each day with $3.50 spirits and $2.00 schooners...gotta love that!
date unknown

Matt from Potts Point
Awesome bar/ pub. Always makes for a great night.
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