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El Rancho, nearest watering hole to the Macquarie Center, and haunt for tech workers, builder types and local escapees

Cnr Epping and Herring Roads,

(02) 9887 2411
(02) 9888 9145

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... which of course is when we rocked up for a review. The Ranch is, as ever north of the harbour, a very large pub with various areas from lounge to restaurant to gaming room to serious drinkers bar, as well as accomodation, so one review can't possibly take in the entire place. I will say though that it's well run (has to be to get so many people through on a bust friday lunchtime) and also pretty good value for money foodwise. Outdoor seating is a little restricted for the summer, and pretty close to the noisy Epping Road, but inside is comfortably air conditioned and very clean - why go anywhere else? We're yet to visit at a weekend but we expect, and are told, that family meals feature, as well as weekending locals and visitors. Certainly a good option if you're in the area
review by: Jason

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Sam Ab from Mac Uni
I really love it, I go there every Friday after Uni. Its easy and has good music u can dance to and be gay.
26 Feb 2004

Mike from D'moyne
Hey guys, give the RANCH a go. It has a great atmosphere compared to many of the "upper class" places in the city, where homo guys walk around thinking they own everything. The music is usually solid and drinks cheap...
1 Feb 2004

Scared from Parramatta
One word..SHOCKING!!! Run away
31 Oct 2003

Leigh from Ryde
I was at The Ranch shortly after turning 18, although it wasn't my first visit - The Ranch is one of the easiest places to get in when underage. The best things about The Ranch is its cleanliness, modern look at cheap prices. However it is missing a lot. Only one pool table for a pub which is regularly crowded is a disappointment, although it is hard to see where they would fit a second table. The night I was last there was a Friday, when John Gibbs led a Friday Footy Forum. I strongly recommend steering clear of The Ranch on Friday nights if you can't stand loud drunks, because at the end of the week it's filled with builders who've been drinking heavily since midday. A nice pub often filled with 17 year olds and the working-class, but not my first choice of local pubs.
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Bottle Shop: Pubmart bottle shop on-siteAccomodation: It's also a motelTV: Six large screens in the main bar
TAB: TAB availablePool: Pool Comp MondaysFood: Bistro, Restaurant and bar snacks all available
Karaoke: Thursday is karaoke night in the terrace barDJs: Terrace Bar, webs, fri and satOpen Late: 3am close Weds-Sat
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