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Rag and Famish
Old-school English/Irish pub

cnr Miller and Berry Streets,
North Sydney

(02) 9955 1257

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It's a pub that isn't quite sure where it is. from parts of the bar you could be in a British local. From other parts of the bar you'd be convinced you're in an Irish pub. From the beer garden, you're unmistakably in Australia. The Rag and Famish is located in a busy spot at the corner of Miller Street and Berry Street, just behind the Northpoint Tower. For the preliminary review visit, it was actualy reasonably busy, for a Monday evening. I got a seat out on the edge of the beer garden and watched the clientele wander by. A rich cross-section of folk seem to frequent this pub, from suits down to workies, but the place does retain a certain air of neatness. Service is quick, friendly and courteous, and you'll probably not have an empty glass on your table for more than a couple of minutes - the staff are constantly on the prowl, keeping the place neat, ensuring everyone's table is clean and their ashtrays empty. It's definitely somewhere we'll be going again next time we find ourselves across the harbour.
review by: Jason

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PubGoer from Balmain
Not a bad place. The beer garden does look a bit tacky and could do with some work. Upstairs dining is good - especially for the corporate lunch or dinner. If you work in Nth Sydney - it is probably the best pub to duck into for lunch and to watch the cricket during lunch. Prefer afternoon drinks at VC's, Greenwood, Commodore, Union - in fact most other places in the area - but a great lunch time boozer.
21 Dec 2004

Francise Hill from Pyrmont
I used to go to the Rag and Famish all the time, then around November last year i stopped because the whole place really went downhill. I went back for a work dinner on Tuesday Night and actually had a pretty nice time-the introduction of trivia was a lot of fun. The only thing to fault was the girl behind the bar who looked a real mess in her short skirt....
30 Apr 2004

Jenny from North Sydney
Was a dedicated patron. Don't know what's happened but the foods gone down hill and the service. The beer gardens got nice atmosphere. Other than that I give it the thumbs down GO TO VC's
18 Dec 2003

Cliffy from Balmain
A good boozer for a long lunch on a Friday arvo. Probably the best atmospher of any boozer in North Sydney (mind you there are only about 3 of them!)
17 Dec 2003

Nicci Langthall from Roseville
Went to the Rag and Famish for the first time last Friday night for a work function and had an awsome time. The staff were excellent and the food was unreal-the bad that started at 10:00 was lots of fun and got everyone up dancing!! Heard that they play on Thursdays too!! Head in there if your after a relaxed drink after work or a great meal!!
5 Nov 2003

Hamish Kilkare from Double Bay
This pub is awsome!! A fantastic place for after work drinks on a Friday and the $9.80 pasta plus a free glass of wine (from Monday to Fridaynight ) takes the edge off after a long day at work!! Staff are fabulous-really friendlyand great for a joke!! Worth the travel-and close to public transport too!!
29 Sep 2003

Lyndell from Potts Point
Restaurant upstairs has fantastic food. One of or the best places to have business lunch in North Shore. Compliments to the chef!!!!!
17 Sep 2003

Jeremy from Sydney
great place for a drink or lunch
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Food: restaurant attachedOutdoor Area: outdoor seating at the back
Our Comments

Jason says:

Last time I was in I asked for a Schooner of Cooper's and got given a Toohey's New. So much for intelligent service.

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