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Pyrmont Point
The last pub on Harris Street, previously a locals-only kind of pub, now a more upmarket establishment

59 Harris St,

(02) 9660 1908

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Last time we came here (see older review) the pub was a good solid, slightly tatty local filled with workies and locals slugging back the VB in front of the sports channel. Now, post renovation the change is, well, stunning. Out back is a well lit, airy restaurant with a variety of seating and meals priced from about $18 upwards - more than pub food prices, but this isn't bangers and mash - it's all very tasteful. Upstairs is slightly reminiscent of the Tilbury with lots of low seating, and what sophie described as a 'casbah' feel (though I'm not sure I concur on this point). You can't buy a beer downstairs and take it upstairs, which is a pet peeve of mine, but still, the pub makes up for this one little gripe. Still the same crowd in the front bar, the back and upstairs bars now seem to be populated with young hipsters and lawyers, with the occasional tech worker thrown in. It's impressive what they've managed here. I would lament the loss of another scruffy local, but given the state of development (the Jackson's Landing site nearby shows exactly what the area will become), it's clear the way the pub had to go, and the owners have doen an excellent job of renovating without ripping out too much of the character. Service is friendly as ever, and it looks like the place is on the up. We'll be back often, since the pubguide is based about 300m away, hope to see you there!
review by: Jason

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Schooneranew from Pyrmont
Was very good when first opened after renovation, now just lately seems to have dissapeard up its own arse in relation to what its aiming for.
18 Jun 2004

Mix from Pyrmont
Sitting on the leather couches upstairs, sipping a gourmet beer by the fireplace. Divine.
21 May 2004

Janelle from Bawley Point
Wow what a pub coming from the country this was just something to be seen can't wait to come back and will be back soon
27 Feb 2004

Andrew from Pyrmont
Ok, the comments here have made me want to go check this pub out again. I'm not usually one for renovated pubs, and I wasn't sold on it last time I was there, but the missus liked it and we'll be there tonight for some tucker and a few sherbies. Maybe it's a grower.
6 Feb 2004

Ashleigh from Pyrmont
At last a pub rebuilt in Pyrmont with women in mind.Sure you still have the public bar (which is very cute )then you walk through to the resturant and garden area then up the stairs to atmosphere plus. Food five star at pub prices friendly staff that are always there to help.Mygirl friends and i are hooked.
1 Feb 2004

Michael from Pyrmont
Great little pub, good beer and a great local crew. The food is a bit expensive as is the wine. Relaxed environment, fantastic outside area, infact i am going to have a beer there tonight
23 Jan 2004

Lance Driver from Pyrmont
Excellent Pub! They have pulled off the renovations well and it's now a pub that would suit anyone's drinking and ambience tastes. The food has gone a bit flash and pricey but just about worth every cent.
5 Jan 2004

Scott from Pyrmont
Only 1km away you have Watershed, Cargo,Pontoon, Bungalow 8 and all the other "City" type bars with the "City" attitude. The point has all of the comfort and Atmosphere of all those other places without the crap mentioned before.Of course downstairs is well-equipted with TAB and nice and big (yet not over-sized) flatscreen t.v's for the sport to keep the locals who can still wear shorts and T's. Then the upstairs bar brings a little taste of Morocco to Harris st with great beers on tap served in chilled glasses which Seems like common sense but the thing about common sense is it's not always that common. Staff are great although need to smile a bit more. the only thing this place does'nt have is the waterside out the front but it's only 500 meters down the road and let's face it, water can bring the seagulls and smells in the summer.
2 Jan 2004

Jason from Balmain
I thought Balmain & Paddington had all the only good little cosy pubs in Sydney & would never have considered to even venture into Pyrmont. However, some friends & I stumbled across The Point Hotel last week & I can gaurantee it won't be our last.... great beer, great food, great atmosphere...well done
12 Nov 2003

Glen Rinske from Darlinghurst
The Point Hotel took me greatly by surprise following the beautiful facelift. I expeced it to become sadly another uptight, overpriced wanker bar. however the friendly staff & relaxed atmosphere ensure that this is not the case. Full points to the architect & builder for pulling this one off.
10 Nov 2003

Stephen from Pyrmont
I have known about this pub for a few years now, i went there for the state of origin series and had a blast, the small cosy environment made it like watching the footy with your mates on a big screen in a giant loungeroom.. very good atmosphere. I for one cant wait for the facelift to the pub, i think it will make it the pub to enjoy a beer in in Pyrmont.
3 Sep 2003

Paul from Narrabeen
An unpretentious pub with welcoming locals. Tony gave me some tips on the dogs that helped add to the enjoyment if not to the wallet! Hope the proposed changes don't turn away the locals 'cause they are what make it such a great pub (along with publican Steve). Good bands on Friday nights (ok - I'm part of the '3's a Crowd' rent a crowd!)
27 Aug 2003

Liam from Pyrmont
This little gem is about to become one of the finest watering holes in NSW. It's tap beers are already the best tasting in Sydney and was the first to stock Sydney's newest beer Blowfly. It's undergoing a facelift that will have those in the know with wide smiles on their faces. Steve Ratcliff and the crew are some of the friendliest in Sydney and certainly know how to run a damn food pub.
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Outdoor Area: some streetside seatingFood: New restaurant looks very goodATM: ATM in the front bar
Quiz Night: Fame Trivia on TuesdaysWireless Internet Access: PubNet free wireless internet access has arrived.
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