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Pyrmont Bridge
open 24hrs and quite rated

96 Union Street,

(02) 9660 6996

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... or at least, we can't spot a huge difference. the downstairs bar's been 'enhanced' but not enlarged, the carpet looks the same and really there's not a huge difference we can see. Which actually is a bloody good thing - too many pubs are going the wholesale renovation route and end up stripped of their former character, left as mere shadows of their former selves. Not here. Comedy Trivia on Mondays is likely to become's new weekly quiz-fix - now hosted by Stef Torok upstairs in the 'bar with a view', with $500 jackpot, $50 first prize and $25 second. Aside from these few little things not much has changed since our last review - we still like this place a lot. What have we not mentioned? well you can get $6 specials at the bistro in the evenings, so when we're at trivia we usually tuck in, and there are other events through the week including on forthcoming Sundays a Playstation competition, which is an unusual promotion as yet. We'll check it out for you soon.
review by: Jason

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Jaz from Northampton
The greatest pub in Sydney! 24 hour drinking, friendly patrons, great offers. What more can you want?
25 May 2004

no name from sydney
the nices thing in that place is the manager Nick
14 Apr 2004

C from Sydney
Best pub in Sydney, favourite place to drink (downstairs bar) best place i've ever worked
11 Mar 2004

Kitty from Carlingford
We had a fantastic xmas party on the rooftop and I highly recommend the PBH for anyone who enjoys a good view, good nibblies and great service. Thank you Nicky and Pat for making our night the best it could be!
16 Dec 2003

Tristan from sydney
This is a good place to get acouple of drinks, as it has a good atmosphere and is usually filled with good blokes and usually some hot chicks.
22 Sep 2003

KNOCK OUT PUB! the guys are always thinking up new games & promo's to keep the crowd coming in. New bars meen better service. The PBH rocks!
5 Sep 2003

Andrew from Sydney
This pub doesn't know whether it's Arthur or Martha anymore. The rennovations to the bar have changed the atmosphere downstairs for the worse and upstairs is too sterile now. I hate chrome furniture in pubs. It still has a great trivia contest upstairs on Monday nights.
21 Aug 2003

Guinness Guzzeler from Liverpool/London UK
Top Staff - apart from the bald chap that cut me off! He was a bit of a sh1t. Never realised untill four day of my stay that a Schonner was not a Pint. When I asked for a Pint I got an old pot with a handle; so I then asked for a Pint of Guinness in a straight glass. I got lots of smiles and nods, a few "Bloody Pommie" till someone explained. It is a great place to overcome Jet Lag and was as safe a place as I have ever got ratarsed in! Highly Reconmended! (PS in case you get as disapointed as I did, it may be open 24 hours, but is a dry house between 7 am and 9 am!!!!!
date unknown

Eviltim from Sydney
BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! Turbo Thomas is THE dirtiest man on the planet and if you go to the "bridge" you don't want to bump into him, he's liable to grab you on the fanny (and i don't mean the rear one!!!!!!!
date unknown

Turbo Thomas from Sydney
When you go in there ask for Scott the manager and tell him you love boxing, It's guaranteed to get you a few freebies.
date unknown

Jose from Edinburgh
I spent 12 hours of each day there for 6 months. Tip- call head on toss-the-boss
date unknown

Spinksey from London
The cheapest beer in Darling Harbour and it's open 24 hours. What a place!!!
date unknown

Frank from London
Probably the most fun pool comp in the whole of Sydney. Great for a late night drink usually full of all sorts of people who share a common interest.....DRINK!!!
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Comedy Trivia: Mondays 7pm with Haskel Daniel and Stef Torok : Comedy TriviaPool: free 8-10pm on mondaysFood: Bistro plus light snacks at the bar
24Hr: It never closesBottle Shop: 5-midnight 7 daysOutdoor Area: street-level seating in summer, small balconies upstairs
Our Comments

Jason says:

Watch out for the bouncers - they're inconsistent, drunk with power and happy to break up groups if they feel like it. We're not happy about them one bit, as you can probably tell.

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