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Pumphouse Bar and Grill
minimalist bar/restaurant, recently renovated

17 Little Pier St,
Darling Harbour
nr Entertainment centre

(02) 8217 4100

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OK, so I've broken my 'week without alcohol', but how could I not on walking into a bar with a great selection of beers like this one. Montieth's, Hoegaarden, Beez Knees, Three varieties of Squire on tap and even more, numbering up to over fifty bottled beers, n one of which can be called truly bad. I can feel the way the evening is heading, though, and I've got three hours battery life left on the laptop - that's, wow, loads more reviews! I originally wrote the Pumphouse off as a restaurant with a bar attached, but having seen this selection I can't help but be impressed. Inside, it's airy and open, with a balcony area up above and a long bar, with a verandah area at the front (thankfully smoking permitted for poor addicts like myself), with the sound of the nearby water feature mingling with pleasant background music. The place is, of course, packed with suits on a Friday night, but tonight is wednesday and it's quiet, just three small groups at the front area and one or two diners inside. The recent refit has seen some reconfiguration of the interior, but more importantly extra seating outside, of the strictly utilitarian bench type, but at least it's there. Within limping distance of the Entertainment Centre, expect a bit more of a crowd when there's a high profile gig happening. The name is apt, of course, this being originally a real pumphouse, and a heritage listing holds part of the building in perpetuity, thogh the interior is in the mould of the 90s London bar rather than a wharfie pub. As I sit enjoying my beer a young couple drift past and ask directions to Darling Harbour, and while we're technically in the Darling Harbour area, we're right on the brink of the Haymarket and Chinatown, so understandable thet they're a little lost. Between here and the harbour itself is Darling Walk, unbearably cheesy but worth crossing through to get here, especially if you're a fan of imported bottled beers. Nice.
review by: Jason

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Jenn from Glebe
Nice looking place, good prices, friendly staff.Shame about the crappy dance music. They should go for live bands, that'd rock.
16 Mar 2004

Mark from Sydney
Fantastic atmosphere. Really lively on Friday nights. Great beer selection. Nice place to meet the mates, have a few imported beers and head on into Darlingharbour later on!
9 Mar 2004

sophie from sydney
loving it!! fav venue in darling harbour! highly recommended
3 Nov 2003

Cliff from Dalring Harbour
Nice place, would love to see the bands come back though.
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Food: It's obvious from the name that food can be had here!Outdoor Area: Outoddr seating, as you'd expect in Darling Harbour
Our Comments

Jason says:

Montieths Black, Original and Summer, Export Gold, Hoegaarden, Grolsch, Elephant, Forbidden Fruit, Orval, Peroni, Labbat's Blue, San Miguel, Tiger Beer, Super Bock, Tuborg, Tsing Tao, Warsteiner, WinHoek, Leffe Blonde, Duvel, Chimay, Bintang, Asahi, Guinness, Kilkenny, Sam Adams, Thunderbolt, Newcastle Brown, Redback, Kingfisher, Coopers. Phew. I'm starting to salivate just listing them!

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