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recommended pub Porterhouse
Very friendly atmosphere

Corner of Campbell and Riley Streets,

(02) 9211 4454
(02) 9211 4304

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We at think that the layout of a pub can be as important as any other factor in a pub's success. We're personally very fond of 'island' bars, where you can walk all the way around the pub, rather like a lion circling it's prey, and get a drink at any point on that walk. The Porterhouse has such a bar.

We also believe that the friendliness of the crowd and the staff is an important factor. The Porterhouse scores well there too. Another belief, held be a minority in the team (but I'm writing the review, after all), states that the pub should have Guinness (or Coopers) and the quality and treatment of said brew must be correct.

Well, the Porterhouse does a damn good Guinness, I'll tell you that.

It's not a particularly old pub, and it's not a pub that screams "I am an Irish theme pub" at you when you enter. It doesn't need to, it's just a damn good bar. The symbol of the pub, in the shape of racked barrels above the arched bar, is as distinctive as it is unobtrusive, and the decor is unforced and relaxed.

All in all an excellent pub, and we have no hesitation in recommending it.

review by: pubguide staff

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Dave from Eire
Excellent Guinness and the place is really comfortable and clean. Friendly and relaxed.
11 May 2004

Christine from Surrey Hills
Great local and the best bar staff, we like to come in to see Paul and have a fab guiness. See u soon.
2 Apr 2004

amber from sydney
Not bad!
3 Nov 2003

crystal from Ballymun
nice pub but that soccer team Dunbar ruin the whole athmosphere every time they are in, get rid of them
28 Aug 2003

Terry from Darlinghurst
We love this pub (5 times in the last month) but another bar person on duty would alleviate the groans of patrons around the bar who don't get served in turn...
date unknown

dilly doran from ireland
a real local irish bar.staff are the greatest.alawys have happy days there..where everybody knows your name.
date unknown

Sandra Hill from Ireland
Ye Ba**tards! I'm dying with a hangover - all thanks to the beer @ the PorterHouse. Great Local!!! Keep it up!!! Big Shout to the regulars from Liverpool St. Amanda, Jillamenia, Ger, Laura, Rachel, Roseanne, Miriam, Juicy Lucy, Matty - May the souls of our dearly departed RIP Maura, John, Donnacha & Joanna, Stacey Tracey and Caragh!!!!! PS Can't forget the studmuffins Brian and Cahill....
date unknown

Conor from Crossgar
Great pub, excellent staff. Best Guinness in Sydney
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Food: Cheap Steaks on sundays!Outdoor Area: 20 or so seats on the decking out frontBottle Shop:
Quiz Night: Quiz night on TuesdaysIrish:
Our Comments

Jason says:

I sometimes call in here on Tuesdays after tutoring. It's friendly and relaxing, and no-one cares if you sit there and read a book all night, or if you bring ten of your mates and have a party. Cool

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