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slick, open and airy - a good daytime venue which starts to fly at night

Cockle Bay Wharf,
Darling Harbour

(02) 9267 7099
(02) 9283 7632

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.. this one is probably my pick for a daytime beer - the aspect is shaded enough to be pleasant in the heat, and it often picks up a light breeze. You feel like the entire place is outdoor, but it's a well-crafted illusion brought about by a very open layout with no definite boundary between the verandah and the bar area. Inside picks up later, but where this place has most value for me is as an afternoon drop-in. The barbecue-style food is pricier than you'd find at, say, a Newtown corner pub - reflecting the area and what the market will go for, and the food looks generally pretty good. The downsides? Well, when we visited the staff seemed, well, disinterested, and watch out for the dive-bombing seagulls if you're getting food.
review by: Jason

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ryan from darlinghurst
full of walking biceps bigger than their heads who act as if they're god's gift to women.
19 Feb 2004

Habib from Punchbowl
Fully sick bro!
19 Jan 2004

Lance Driver from Pyrmont
Great for an outdoors drink!
9 Jan 2004

Sharpey from Oblivion
Was once a fine place a while ago but things change and these changes have already been mentioned. And Emily we do now how but with an attitude like that you're probably not worth our time of day.
29 Dec 2003

Kylie from Hornsby
Emily you must enjoy having guys with bad BO invade your personal space and grope your body without your permission. Strange what gets some people off.
6 Nov 2003

Emily from sydney
what is with all these shitty comments about lebs? yeh they do hit on girls all the time and what, just coz u aussie boys dunno how too!
3 Nov 2003

Anthony from Sydney
Couldn't agree more with Matt. This place has become overrun with annoying Lebs. Prefer the Shelbourne, although it too seems to be heading down the same path.
27 Oct 2003

matt j from sydney
used to like this place but lately been taken over by leb wankers hitting on every girl who walks past to the toilets.
14 Oct 2003

the boys from 121 abo
we'd just like to m direct attention to the slightly stupid looking and vey dopey acting glassy/barman that works here. We know you, we see you every day and if you don't get out of that bar and do your bloody job we're gonna make sure that get whats your upstairs in wallaby, hahahah elliott we gonna get you......
14 Sep 2003

Gweedo from Burwood
Full of sick little bitches sipping on crystal with bling bling, listening to doof doof, with habib hitting on them and me smacking Spiro out behind coz he looked at me funny and that, if he copies my latest oufit of Adidas fighting shoes, snap-jump suit and colour coded nautica t-shirt and Fubu hat with a fully sick gold earring bro and some relflective shades at night coz i'm peakin on pingas and coke and speed and stuff!
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Our Comments

Jason says:

We dropped by recently and checked out the BBQ menu - at $9+ it's not cheap, but it IS good, and sitting on the verandah with a light breeze blowing is great (until you get dive-bombed by seagulls, but that's another story)

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