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Paddy Maguire's
A pub of contrasts

cnr George and Hay streets,

(02) 9212 2111

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Formerly Bridie O'Reilly's

Another one of those pubs where everybody goes, Paddy's is a large Irish pub near the Haymarket. It's situation is such that it grabs in a lot of tourist traffic, as well as a lot of Sydneysiders, especially during the summer months.

Consisting of, essentially, two bars - a saloon style front room with island bar and stools, and a back room with booths and tables, Bridies will suit a lot of people. There's an outdoor area next to the tramline, and a 'pseudo-outdoor' area undercover in the adjacent shopping center should it happen to rain.

There's usually fierce competition for tramside seating during the summer months, so if you intend to stay, get there reasonably early or settle for an indoor seat.

Food's good and normally served fairly quickly (service via pager - don't expect table service!) - it's all honest solid pub fayre, nothing fancy to pander to the yuppies.
review by: pubguide staff

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Craig from Sydney
Typically packed and over-priced Irish theme bar with bullys in suits manning the doors in the evenings and weasily bar managers who don't even look old enough to drink. We had a perfectly nice evening ruined by attempting to go for a drink here I was asked to leave by a neanderthal bouncer for making the simple mistake of taking the time to say hello to him as a friend and I looked for the people we were supposed to be meeting. We'd been in the place for less than a minute. He wouldn't tell me why he wanted me to leave, then he refused to let me get my wife, who was in the lounge bar with another friend, and his limited grasp of logic and the English language led to him physically threatening me when I asked him how I was supposed to let my friends know I'd been thrown out. People like that should not be allowed out in public. To have them put in a position where they are allowed to bully and threaten innocent bystanders is nothing short of criminal, but of course, when we complained to the bar manager he was clearly so intimidated by this thug that he was probably frightened he'd be in line for a punch if he sided with us. Do yourselves a favour, and just don't go there.
21 May 2004

Andrew from Toronto, Canada
The Munster burger is much better than the McDonald's version... Go figure!
date unknown

Luke from Carligford
Nice laid back pub, great meeting pace for friends. Foods pretty good and the outdoor tables next to the trams are great during the afternoon/early evening.
date unknown

Mike from U.S.A.
I was at this wonderful place back in Oct of 2001. I learned to love Toohey's black ale. GREEEEAAAAATTT!
date unknown

Paul White from Belfast, Northern Ireland
I am the brother of Jay White, he used to drink there. We have since lost contact with our brother, and are very concerned for him. I would greatly appreciate any info. you may have on his whereabouts. I can be contacted on the address below. Any info. at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Paul White.
date unknown

Nae from Sydney
This pub has a real relaxed and friendly atmosphere!
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Live Music: Live music at weekendsFood: Good priced food available in the back sectionOutdoor Area: street seating in Hay street
Irish: Part of the Paddy Maguires irish chainComedy Trivia: Tuesdays 7pm with Vicky Bitmead
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