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Paddington Inn
Dark and fashionable

338 Oxford Street, Paddington
(02) 9380 5277

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Firstly, the world is a different place now, although some things stay the same. Alas I am forgotten & the fiery pillar hath come to destroy the cloudy roost of thy mandarin slice lips. They can't even pour it properly, rude staff that night, last night actually. Whats going down? Excuse me can you pour this to the top? I'm paying high price for a High Up There beer. Oh well. Nice looking place but it's run by monkeys with wenches, enjoy..
review by: Josh

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mixedspice from clovelly
went there on a tuesday night and it was busy, though did get a seat. not a great place for a first date, was a bit loud to hear.
6 Jan 2005

Bartender from Sydney
Can you pour this properly..? Excuse me I thought the reviewer knew his beers. For the benefit of the uneducated (and the reviewer it would seem): When people purchase premium beers they are generally doing so for taste not value. (although some are doing it for the 'pose-factor') - arguments about filling to the top are thus generally null and void. (save for the posers and they need to take a good look at themselves anyway) (who am I kidding, thats probably what they do in every mirror they go past) (anyway...) However, I'll play: You want value- buy a long-neck of VB from BWS or some such thing. You want nice beer, atmosphere and someone to wipe up after you then expect to pay for the privellige. Also, more importantly, Whitbeer/Wheat beer/White Beer ala Hoegaarden needs to be poured with a large head to properly release the aroma. Its crucial to the taste of it. We all know that Hoegaarden has tons of different flavour components, particularly citrus-y ones. Plus a bunch of stuff floating around in the glass... The delicacy of all this can only be appreciated if the aroma is heavily involved in the taste. Sound too high-brow for you? Then don't buy Hoegaarden, and more importantly, don't whinge when they only fill it to the line on the back of the glass. As a bartender I quickly tire of tight-fisted customers bitching to me about the way the Hoegaarden is poured. You didn't have to order it. As a matter of fact you didn't have to come into the venue at all.
17 Sep 2003

Zank Phillips from Bondi Junction
If you're looking for a genuine pub, this is NOT the place to go. Used to be a good traditional pub. Now it has been funkified so much that it hardly resembles a pub at all. Staff are not friendly. Agree with Josh in his review - they cannot pour beer properly. When you are paying exorbitant prices for your beer, you expect a lot better.
11 Sep 2003

Mel from Sydney
The chicken and capsium tepenade was absolutely delicious. Thank you and I'll be back soon. Now, please bring back the blue eyed cod I say!
date unknown

Micael from Kirribilli
Always a good time, excellent atmosphere.
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Pool: One Table - often too cramped to playFood: Good food - middle of the range menu and pricesBottle Shop: Good Choice, especially in wine
Our Comments

Jason says:

We came here once during the Olympics. We expected it to be full, and instead the place was empty - the only time I've seen it like that. It was unnerving.

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