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hilarious to watch the singles trying to pick up

89 George Street, The Rocks
(02) 9251 1255
(02) 9247 4569

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Filled to the brim at weekends, The Orient is a notorious pick-up spot. Situated close to Circular Quay and the CBD, it's an easy choice if you're in the area. There's live music at weekends, a club upstairs, food, good beer, and if you're not one of the ones trying to pull, great comic potential.

The bands that play at weekends are usually of the crowd-pleasing variety blasting out popular tunes while the single and desperate try to scan the room, hold their drinks upright and dance at the same time. The atmosphere is somewhere between a light hearted, noisy night out and a deperate race to grab a partner before there's only the two-baggers left.

Top floor is the club area, dark and flashy it's very much a stand-up joint - no chairs here. one floor down is the restaurant area, with, for some reason, a full-size rowing boat in the rafters. the ground floor is more 'pubby' with pokies out back and a well-frequented outdoor area.

The food is OK too. standard bar fayre at reasonable prices.

review by: pubguide staff

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Jonas Hartzler from Illinois, USA
A popular spot where the beer goes down easy. Plenty of room to find a spot to sit and watch a sports game. I liked it!
1 May 2004

Patty from Dat Place
I see what you all mean now, Band on Saturday was 'SHITE!', and why do I have to take a loan out for beer?, only had one went to the fortune....much better
27 Apr 2004

Nicole from Cronulla
Chris from Gladesville I agree with you totally. This place is a form of torture!!!!!
7 Apr 2004

Tim from Castlecrag
All of the comments are correct, Bands have not been worse, and security is a joke. When there is trouble the place is too packed so security cant move quick enough. White Bros.....OVERRATED - what a joke. But they do sing, others mime, or just dont have any talent. This is meant to be the happening area of Sydney, the entertainment should reflect this.
20 Mar 2004

Loz from Sydney
besides the fact its easy to pull here, there really is nothing nice to say about the place. at night its so packed you cant move and cant have fun, its fucking hot as..! drinks cost way too much, full of dickheads.. the list goes on and on. though its not a bad place for a quite drink in the day, though the prices leave a worst tast then the vb..!
9 Feb 2004

Richard from Penrith
where do i start!Rude staff,drinks are a joke,to over priced!!,the entertainment was very poor!you cant move to even have a piss,so you go near the pokies.But easy to find a root,so yeah i would go again.
3 Feb 2004

dan from yo mamma
i piss on the front door every day on my way 2 work cos i hate the place $5 4 a v fucking b come on whats with that
3 Feb 2004

Tony from Harold Park
'The White Brothers' has to be the worse excuse for entertainment I have ever seen. This place treats its customers as complete suckers. Poor entertainment, seriously over-priced drinks, poor crowd control. Vote with your feet and go elsewhere.
8 Jan 2004

Sharpey from Oblivion
Unfortunately I see this place going down the same track as Jacko's on George. Here's hoping it gets back to the way it was.
30 Dec 2003

Harris from St Ives
The entertainment has been attrocious of late, bands that mime, bands that dont play instruments. This is the heart of Sydney, things should be better.
9 Dec 2003

Elizabeth from The Palace
Well Well Well, I must say that I thought the Australian Rugby Union Team were rather boring, only 1 try, and only 1 (intercept) try the week before. This pub is not like the Palace at home, too many people, although I have that many servents. God Save Me Queeny
24 Nov 2003

Green & Gold from Aussie
Do the doors not work, why let everybody in, we cant dance, cant even have a drink without it spilling. Sort out your crowd control. I aint coming back.
16 Nov 2003

Nightly from Davistown
$7 spirits Anthony?, you must have been there in happy hour, biggest rip off around, yet why do people keep going to the overcrowded stinkin hole with bad entertainment?.....seriously.....I dont know!
4 Nov 2003

Brooke from hurstville
I think it's a really great place... i had the best night there in a long time!
4 Nov 2003

Anthony from Sydney
$7 spirits!! And the place is still packed on weekends. Unbelievable rip-off.
2 Nov 2003

Martine from Pipers Point
I can give you two good reasons why not to go to this place again.....'Too Good Reasons'.....Ok maybe I have had too many overpriced drinks, cause I know that is only 1 reason, but I think its a very very good one.
17 Oct 2003

Craig from Darlinghurst
I agree with you Frink, some have been good, but last night was BAD!!!!, and lower your beer prices, I always have a look and to this day have not found GOLD on the bottom of my glass.
21 Sep 2003

Frink from Sydney
How Much?????, sorry didnt think I bought 8 beers, only one!!!!, and the bands now are some of the worst they have ever had,........really gone downhill!!!
13 Sep 2003

Chris from Gladesville
If you want to see human civilisation at it's lowest ebb, then go to this pub. Poms with an attitude mixed with slappers = fights, vomit and weird smells. Maybe they should do a reality TV show out of this pub because there's enough morons in this pub to last a life time
3 Sep 2003

tom from Derry
I used to work here, and it was hilarious watching desperate single people trying to pull. That was one advantage of working there, on weekend nights you were guranteed a snog
date unknown

Liam Burgess from eastwood
its the best pub in the rocks take it from me i go there every week
date unknown

Carina Nordström from Sweden
The best pub in Sydney!
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Food: standard bar food, but not bad all the sameLive Music: cover bands at weekendsOutdoor Area: lots of tables out the back
ATM: non-visa ATM downstairsOpen Late: 3am most nights
Our Comments

Jason says:

If you're single, go there to pull. If not, go there and laugh at the people trying.

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