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228 William Street,
Kings Cross

(02) 9357 2211

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (5 Dec 2003)

Sensational!!!!! Definitely the pub to visit if you are a traveller in Sydney. The music is live seven nights a week (lots of great covers) and the highlight would have to be Beau on Sunday nights. But every night the dancefloor is crowded and swaying. Service is friendly and fast with lots of Irish employees who are expert at pouring the black stuff. Make sure you leave a tip to hear the staff ring the old O'Malley's bell - apparently a tradition? (or so the staff say!). Toss The Boss on Sunday nights was particularly a drawcard for my mates with plenty of free drinks to be had! Have to love that! In summary, one night at O'Malley's is not enough! I will definitely be back...
review by: Anne

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Matt from UK
Was in the x for a couple of months in the early 90's, fantastic pub, anyone remember the band the miss fits?? Fantastic rendition of laid mmm the memories.......
4 Jun 2004

Burky from Kilkenny
Went there second nite in sydney and within 30 mins were being offered free coke in the jacks - pretty mad place.People friendly and lots of ladies.ruined the night by going to the car wash though
9 May 2004

Matt from Manchester
Best night by FAR is Beau on a Sunday night. Head down there for 7:30 for 'toss the boss'. Good tunes and always busy. OK at other times but seasoned backapackers from the Cross head there specifically for Beau. He is a O'Malleys legend!
29 Apr 2004

Matt from Manchester
Best night by FAR is Beau on a Sunday night. Head down there for 7:30 for 'toss the boss'. Good tunes and always busy. OK at other times but seasoned travellers head there specifically for Beau. He is a O'Malleys legend!
29 Apr 2004

Loic from Paris
Sensational traditional pub! Good ambiant every night but music rocks mostly on saturdays!! Not for posh
2 Mar 2004

Larry from Manchester
Parody is alive and well.....unfortunately, WHAT THE **** are the bands doing? especially the Midnite Sun and the group on Fridays????, play decent music, and just play it well, Omalleys is getting a bad name around the cross because of this. Needs Fixed, cause this place use to ROCK!!
25 Jan 2004

Craig from Dunedin
Awful last Friday night, bad sound bad band bad crowd bad vibes bad bouncers, otherwise a good night.
27 Dec 2003

Pasty White Englishman from Birmingham
A few pints is what you need to listen to the bands, and then a few more to stay.....especially Fridays!!!! Go the POMS!!!
23 Oct 2003

Niall from Scotland
This place was going off after the World Cup opener - a great venue to watch the rest of the matches. See you there on final night. GO YOU MIGHTY SCOTS!
22 Oct 2003

John from manchester
22 Oct 2003

Anne from Limerick, Ireland
Sensational every night....definitely the place to be if you are a backpacker in Sydney. Met heaps of other Irish travellers & had a blast. I will be back!
22 Oct 2003

Connor from Galway
If you can not have a good time at O'Malley's there is somthing wrong with you!!!!
22 Oct 2003

John from Scotland
Absolutely top shelf! Spent two weeks in Sydney and O'malleys was by far the highlight....staff were sensational and the bands just what you need after a few pints. Will reccomend to all my fellow travellers!
21 Oct 2003

Loubelina from Hills District
it's O'Malley's the Apostrophe is very important... O'Malley
2 Oct 2003

Gareth from Dublin
Way to crowded, DONT GO THERE, stinky hole. Much better pubs to go and meet people. bands all SUCK!!!! (maybe something to do with crappy sound system) Takes too long to get a drink. GOOD BYE!
21 Sep 2003

Dave from Manchester
The Guiness is terrible. Not like home. If you meet and root a girl called Randy from Canada- you are not alone.
date unknown

Emma from Sydney
No self respecting Sydney person would be seen there. Cranky staff, over crowded, and in Kings Cross. There are much better pubs to go to People!!
date unknown

Emma from Ireland
Its a brillant Pub, spent alot of my time in Sydney in there. Very Friendly staff and your always sure to meet someone. Had a massage time for the World Cup 2002
date unknown

Norman from Redcar England
Some watering hole or what. Shovelled some of the old black stuff down me whenever I visited this place. Good music on Sundays with the Dark guy on vocals and everyone else falling over. Terrific !!!!
date unknown

marianne from scotland
walked in drunk and left even worse for wear. great band aided my karaoke attempts. Has a special place in my heart, tremendous!!!!
date unknown

Claire and Graham from Toronto, Canada
Gray and I got absolutely leathered at this wonderful pub and had a special "romantic trist" that evening. Been together 5 years to the day and would love to come back again to relive that "special moment"!!!
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