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An extensive, top class establishment

118 Military Road,
Neutral Bay

(02) 9953 5515
(02) 9953 9856

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How could I have taken so long to make it to the Oaks? Well, mostly I guess it's because I rarely venture to the North Shore except for business. Luckily this time business and pleasure intersected and I got to visit the Oaks for the first time. The tram sticking out of the front bar perplexed me at first, but on getting inside I saw the theme - trams, of course. Sitting at a window and watching the world go by was pretty nice, and after a few beers I was feeling pretty well-disposed toward the world. A quick wander out to the beer garden revealed something else entirely. The outdoor area is huge, and packed with punters tonight. We can't get a seat, so off to the side bar to order a few Redbacks (on tap, no less) and shoot the breeze with a few other punters. I left in a happily sozzled state, leaping into a taxi for the long ride back to the Eastern Suburbs, content in havign ticked of another of Sydney's classics.
review by: Jason

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Andrew from Edgecliff
Emmanuel is obviously an idiot and should be ignored, but come on Benny, comments like that simply show you're head is equally far up your arse as Emmanuel's is up his. It is a great place for a beer, meal and catchup. Just don't expect a dance floor and up to the minute tunes. Every pub has a certain style. E.g., You couldn't go to SOHO and expect to be able to hear each other speak could you.... The 'long ride back to the Eastern Suburbs', are you serious? Unknown to many Eastern suburbians, many lower north suburbs are closer to the city than many eastern suburbs. FYI, Bondi and Mosman are the same distance from the city.....
12 Jan 2005

PubGoer from Balmain
What can you say. A true icon in the Sydney pub scene. Had a lot of good times there - just dont try to get in when a Rugby Test is on - packed to the rafters. Good place for a group to meet and kick back in the huge beer garden.
21 Dec 2004

westy from sydney
me, my mate and all his sisters were sick from drinking too much bourbon. Still, cool pub and a great night!
21 Apr 2004

Ben Boyd from Around
This is the best pub between the Spit and Harbour Bridges. The service and food is good. Drinks cost a little more and the $4 pool deters the R&B brats. There's room to move but don't try too hard. (p.s. it's ok to take off your tie after work.)
2 Jan 2004

Party from Pooper
go to bed
7 Dec 2003

Kyanite from Cremorne
This place is tops, everything u need for a great evening, clean, atmosphere, relatively smoke free, excellent food, good lighting, and cold beer. come drink with the locals in the public or the bar out the back is where it's at. never had a bad experience here. come from whereever you call home all are welcome. wankers and human shit eat your shitty ice at Hotel Cremorne, The Oaks has it's own style, not some psudo funky shit hole. The Oaks Rules king on the North Shore.
7 Dec 2003

Benny from Potts Point
Emmanuel from Neutral Bay sounds like a typical Nth Shore jerk off - oh yeah - this place desperatley needs a decent vibe transplant to bring it kicking & screaming into this century
25 Sep 2003

Rob from Northern Beaches
Heres to Whitto. It would seem Emmanuel is an overnight millionaire who will be poor soon, and back in the park with 15 year old girls.
4 Jul 2003

Whitto from Canberra
Emmanuel your an idot i'm a bum and i'm gonna come wearing my trackies flannel shirt and ug boots and then i'me gonna winge and complain about the prices
21 May 2003

Emmanuel from Neutral Bay
If your not rich dont come, we dont want trash like you there!
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Outdoor Area: Extensive outdoor area forming the central courtyardBottle Shop: Bottle shop between the main and side bars
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