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cnr Kingsway and Eluoera Rd,

(02) 9523 6866

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smoothy from shire
Why can't a business like Northies get their act together and flick the mafia security guards. Locals will NEVER support you while you take the route. All you will ever get is late night pissheads out for trouble. Rethink your management guys. You all deserve what you get...
20 Jun 2006

Natalie from Cronulla
I agree that the bouncers are assholes! They kicked my friend out because she was upset!! The bouncers reason was and i quote "If a female is crying where alcohol is served she MUST be intoxicated!" A tip - if you buy your drinks around in the sports bar you will save $2.50 than in mango jam!
9 Jun 2004

Rebecca from Cronulla
if you enjoy being followed around and harrassed by their disgusting security guards.
24 May 2004

Michelle from Miranda
24 May 2004

Pete from Panania
tried to enter northies on a wednesday nite to use their toilets, the dickhead security wouldnt let me in cause i had work clothes on so i whipped it out and started urinating rite there in front of him, i think i even splashed his shoes but he didnt say a word about it.
22 May 2004

Louise from Liverpool
We walked into northies straight off the beach, bikini top and sarong, no shoes - so i have no idea how we got in with the dress code everyone keeps talking about. it was a monday nite and very quiet, nice atmosphere but it comes at a cost.
22 May 2004

Linda from Parramatta
Ummm....hopefully Northies management will look at the reviews in regards to their security..then a mediocre pub will turn into a great pub!!! P.S Should stay open to at least 11.30pm on a Sunday!
22 May 2004

Jon from Como
Great place,but watching their security remove someone is reminiscent of a caveman dragging home his kill.
29 Mar 2004

Lara from Bangor
Great place, just wish i had nice set of tits,then maybe i wouldn't have to wait 1 hour in the line
29 Mar 2004

Kristy from Sth Cronulla
It has all the ingredients for a good night out.Then when you wait forever to get in, then pass there 10 point dress plan you are welcomed in to way over the price drinks a packed bar and very little airconditioning. Thank god for the balcony.PS bouncers could use a few lessons in english and customer service.
29 Mar 2004

dane from Caringbah
Good place,heaps of women.Just let down by the roid munchin over agressive bunch of dead head fuckin security,with there never ending bunch of friggin rules,coupled with twisted dress code. Nice sandals are out, but dirty old joggers are ok.Work that out!!!!!!
28 Mar 2004

michelle from Cronulla
Forget Northies - crap tasting beer, overpriced disgusting food & rude, arrogant "doormen" - take a walk up the road and visit Sting bar, you will have a much better time
16 Mar 2004

Pete from Cronulla
Any pub that's a 2 minute work from home has got to be good. Sundays rock, but it would be a whole lot better if the bouncers weren't assholes
28 Jan 2004

Trent from Qantas
Ohh it's just super on a Sunday you have to get in early as it has a terrebly long line but well worth the wait ta ta.
28 Jan 2004

max from europe
I just dont know what the fucks going on in the shire,yet another pub pub wich was once a top place to go meet ya mates.Since they pulled it down and replaced it with that shit apartment block and way overfuckin priced bar it sucks.Watch out if your there on the weekends past 6pm and are wearing shorts tshirt and sneakers,you might be harrased by one oh there dumb as shit security gorillas.They got the worst beer around in the shire.IT SUCKS....
19 Nov 2003

Mike from Dolans Bay
Even though they were 20 years ago, beats most of the bands that maybe should of given up twenty years ago!!! Never heard about "the Show" before....but classy
13 Oct 2003

Bobby from Kirribilli
I agree with Mike from Yowie Bay
25 Sep 2003

mike from yowie bay
It will be good when they get rid of that aweful dj! - after all the 80's was 20 years ago
25 Sep 2003

Michael from Sydney
The place to be on Sunday nigths - shuts at 10pm so start your night early! Full of beautiful people so has earnt the nickname of "The Show" amongst my mates. Have a look and you'll see why!
19 Jul 2003

Grant from Yowie Bay
Great On Sunday Nights
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