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Gardeners Rd (cnr Botany Rd) Mascot 2020
(02) 9669 5591

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disgruntled local from mascot
Sure thing Colin, now explain why it is that "disgruntled ex-employees" out number the locals. It might have been a little "rough" around the edges before but at least it had a bit of charactor , a friendly face behind the bar and patrons. Here is an example of the whole being less than the sum of its parts.
15 Mar 2005

Mascot from Local
Sounds like Colin is a current employee . . . nice attempt at spin control though !
12 Mar 2005

Sounds like a disgruntled ex-employee…. It is great to see that there are quality operators ("Fublicans”) with high standards that keep people like Scotty, amazed and Brendan out from behind the bar…. Ever since the new management has taken over the hotel it has transformed from one of the roughest pubs in Mascot to the cleanest and safest pubs in the area with excellent service… With entertainment nearly every night of the week the pub is a great place to be at… Amazed to see the giant screen in the beer garden for sporting fixtures…. To the team at the Newmarket keep up the good work and its great to see a venue putting money back in to the hotel and not running it like a pokie den or crime scene which many pubs in the area have turned into…..
2 Mar 2005

Scotty from Mascot
Looks like Brendan has agood point. Not 3 weeks after the last advert for staff this advert appears in the SMH. HAH looks like Dad hasnt sent the kids back to the bowling alley yet ! New Market Hotel, Mascot is seeking an exceptional & personality driven Duty Manager. You'll be a hands-on manager who will take control of customer service & assist the manager in venue promotions. Applicants must be great team leaders & have personality, initiative, creativity to make the hotel buzz. Forward resume to: fax: 9700 7760. Used to be a great local but the new owners have not got a fuggin CLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 Feb 2005

amazed from in botany
and according to the advert the Chef is :complex ! Looks like the manager has problems with staff , the locals and the english language. Or maybe the chef is really just a "complex person . . . . not something to advertise is it LOL IDIOTS !
29 Jan 2005

Brandan from the local
An ad vert in the SMH 29.01.05 and folks . . .no more need be said. except watch this spaceto see a pub doing a Titanic !!! " NEWMARKET HOTEL BARSTAFF NEWMARKET HOTEL Progressive hotel looking for enthusiastic staff for the following positions: DUTY MANAGER "Hands on" customer focussed Duty Manager to assist the General Manager in developing the team and hotel. BAR TENDERS Customer focussed, energetic and outgoing staff needed. RSA, RCG and TAB certificates necessary. PROMOTIONS & MARKETING MANAGER & ASSISTANT MANAGER Development of exciting and creative promotions for hotel and entertainment centre. Knowledge of food, bar, sports and entertainment. MANHATTAN BAR AND BOWL Progressive and licenced bowling centre requires friendly and enthusiastic staff with a "team attitude" for the following positions: FRONT DESK RECEPTION/CONTROL COUNTER Smiling and customer focussed person with strong computer, telephone skills, cash accountability and ability to maintain a flexible schedule is essential. FUNCTIONS, PARTIES & EVENTS SALES Outstanding opportunity for a well-presented functions Salesperson, strong computer, telephone skills and ability to maintain a flexible schedule is essential. Previous experience in a similar role essential. You must have a promotional and creative sales attitude. Database maintenance and direct marketing. RELIEF COOK/UTILITY PERSON Light "snack bar" cooking with the ability to assist complex Chef in food preparation duties. Must be
29 Jan 2005

Brendan from Local
Watching this hotel go downhill at a rate of knots is vaguely amusing. Seems that its owned by the Bowling alley next door . . .they should have stuck to bowling! One of the sons "runs" the place and he seems to be labouring under the illusion that the Pub is a night club in the cross (or something along those lines) and Man . .. does it show. The mis-management of this hotel is something to be marvelled at! The staff turnover is phenominal, it seems as soon as decent staff get comfortable with whats left of the locals they just vanish for no apparent reason. With the exception of one great "barmaid" who has been there for more than 20 years. The attitudes of the "duty managers" is a reflection of the licencee's ineptitude . The food is good on the odd occasion and if chef Gerrardo is on you can be assured of good food in good time otherwise its very average food at some time in the course of an hour or so. $5 dollar steaks are ok and available just about 24/7! Trivia is pretty good and the solo and duo performers on friday and saturday are the usual fare. The beer is generally good but the bottle shop is very expensive and the wine list very very very ordinary. PubTab is often too loud tho its a good place for a saturday morning punt as its not too crowded and the service is very good and friendly thanks too the previously mentioned "barmaid". Damn shame to watch my local go downhill like this but the "Fublican" wont listen to his locals and treats us with distain. The plac
8 Jan 2005

PubGoer from Balmain
Went here for the first time two weeks ago on a Saturday night - between 7 and 9. Interior was well decked out, bar staff was friendly, had a $5 steak which was good - only problem - maybe 6 other people in the place the entire time - no one at all came into the bistro. So hard to have any atmosphere when the place is deserted.
24 Dec 2004

Steve from Coogee
Love the Trivia, and the bands fri and sat
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