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New Windsor
Sporty and shiny

cnr Park and Castlereagh streets,

(02) 9283 3362

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The first time I came to the New Windsor was after a strenuous day of CD and book shopping in the city. I figured, what better to do after a hard day's spending than to grab a beer and watch the world go by while perusing one's purchases?

The pub is on a pretty busy corner at the meeting of Park and Castlereagh, so you see a fair cross-section of the city blowing past as you sit on the tall stools at the large windows, and if you get bored with that, well, there's a whole bunch of TV screens to watch. I spent on enjoyable afternoon trying to figure out how horse racing works here, and didn't learn a thing!

If pushing the feeder bar like a lab rat is your thing, there's a darkened pokie room downstairs, where the air of concentration is as rich and thick as anywhere I've seen, and for smacking balls around, the pool tables are upstairs. The middle level is preferred though.

Prices are Sydney average, and there is food available too. One of the better late afternoon pubs in the city, in my opinion. Of course on weeknights the suits flood in, so I usually flood out. It's not far to the next one though!
review by: pubguide staff

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Craig from Harbord
Full of suit wearing wankers, trying (but failing) to get down to the big end of town.
20 Apr 2004

the bub from Missouri-United States
I agree with the beer baron.. I think that we all need to go a find a lassie to play with
18 Nov 2003

queer dude from your ass
yeh i like it their coz the guys are always up for anything...and pub bludger, id like to see your bumhole...eddie, id liek to toss your boss and beer baron, id like to play with your lassie. BAM!
27 Aug 2003

Andrew Fox Russell from The Dah
Nothing like a stiff rum to make you feel at home. And they don't come any stiffer than a double op, no coke, no ice. Cheers lads!
18 Aug 2003

Pub Bludger from Australia
If your gal can't play pool for shite then here is the place to gain some confidence, the pockets are as big as a poofters bum hole. So don't be shy-
4 Jul 2003

Eddie from Azerbijhan
Toss the boss on a tuesday then try the pool comp with wobbly legs........Nice!!!!
date unknown

beer baron from shelbyville
ARRRRR! the shambles that goes on in this place is too much to take - i need to go and find myself a lassie to play with. BAM!
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Pool: several tables upstairsFood: Bar food availableTV: plenty of screens
Internet: net access point now available
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