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Nag's Head
On our 'to do' list!

162 St Johns Road,

(02) 9660 1591

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Reviews available:
untitled review (2 Jun 2003)

The Nag’s Head has an English pub feel to it. Set over two levels, the first features a public bar, table seating and the pub restaurant. This level used to be bigger but sadly the pokies have taken over and it is about half the size it used to be. They at least had to good sense to give the gamblers a room of their own so as not to completely destroy the ambience (yes, I loved the Witlam’s “Blow Up the Pokies”!) Upstairs there are couches and another bar area. The décor is ye olde pub style with lots of dark wood and wine barrels for tables. On Thursday nights they have a great live acoustic guitar duo, which are a lot of fun and play the kind of music that is perfect to sing off tune to - beer in hand and eyes closed. You will assuredly find a number of trashy punters cutting the rug on the “dancefloor” (read: small space of carpet) in front of the musicians. It attracts a youngish crowd, but you do get some golden oldies that are regulars. It has a light hearted atmosphere and not for those too cool for school. Prices are in the low end and service is friendly and efficient. Great place to pop in later in the evening for a sing along or sit with a Guiness and the paper on a winter afternoon.
review by: Katie Haire

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Mix from Pyrmont
Great atmosphere. Like the beer garden/courtyard upstairs in Summer.
21 May 2004

Nigel from Glebe
Have not been back here for about 6 months, the day I come back, its the same band again!!!!!, come on change the format for the locals sake.
8 Apr 2004

Matt from Gladesville
Mark your a wanker. Profits from the pokies subsidise your drinks and pay for the bands you listen too!
27 Jan 2004

Stevo from Glebe
A Saturday Shocker on the 6th......
9 Dec 2003

Mark from Glebe
I agree with Georgia and everbody else, the pokies must go. Who cares if they are part of every hotels buiness, no need to copy every pub, also try a few new bands.....god damn sick of the same ones everytime I walk through the doors.
1 Dec 2003

Georgia from Sydney
And to those who are grumbling about the pokies.... who cares! The renovations have actually made the bar/ service area bigger and pokies are a part of nearly every hotel's business. Change is necessary and it is still my favourite pub in town!
8 Nov 2003

Georgia from Sydney
Definitely the best pub in Sydney! Great atmosphere, delicious food, excellent service and the coldest beers in town. Well worth a visit (or two!!)
8 Nov 2003

sam seed from Norwich City, England
Goddamnit! This used to be one of my top 3 pubs in Sydney. Nice location, enjoyable place for a quite beer and lunch with friends. Whats this? Now I have to squeeze my considerable rear end between poker machines and disgruntled punters, and thats before I even get a beer! I don't like this place anymore....
5 Nov 2003

Sambelina from Hills District
Hehehe Davis baby if I had shares in The Nag's there'd be a lot less pokies, let me tell you!!!
19 Oct 2003

Davis from Glebe
Sambelina must have shares in the place, great muso's a bit tat-la-tat..... But evry week .....sorry na!! Great food though, and not over the top in dosh.
13 Oct 2003

Sambelina from Hills District
I really like the Nag's-- it's a cosy little corner pub that's always got a good crowd. great if you just wanna kick back with a drink. Initially went to see Octive play there-- they're very talented and play a good selection of songs-- they're not boring like some twats have said previously, Nag's is where people go to chill out after a long week of work sweethearts, not to listen to doosh doosh in a place where u can't even have a conversation. But as others have also said, they really should do something about the pokies, it's a struggle to get thru the door!!!! Other than that, ur always guaranteed a friendly smile from the staff and a good night will be had by all.
9 Oct 2003

Sammy from Sydney City
I saw Octive, and actually think they are boring, good musicians, but need to vibe it up a little especially for a Friday night. Agreed, pokies are a waste of space (in a small area) Other bands same every week, time for a change. Like the decor.
7 Oct 2003

Loubelina from Hills District
As a 'Mean Fiddler' regular 'Nags' is truly worth the 40 min drive in peak hour to visit this classic pub, brillant duos playing there... specially Octive - Dom & Alex you rock!!! Lose the the pokies and put more seating around or widen the dance floor baby :)
2 Oct 2003

21 Sep 2003

Pete from Glebe
Shame, Shame, Shame.........what a mess now, and the music has become boring.....loose the pokies please.
17 Sep 2003

Terry from Glebe
I would definitely take this OFF your list. I can't believe what they have done to this fine old pub. They have buchered the insides by crudely partitioning one of the bars off; which they have crammed pack-full of pokies. Being a pub lover (sad I know!) I think what they have done to this classic old pub is criminal and I, for one, will never go back there (and if I have anything to do with it nor shall anyone I know!)
21 Aug 2003

Sean from Sydney
Used to be one of my favourites, but they've killed it with the pokies taking over the front bar. And the selection of beers has gone downhill as well. A tragedy...
20 Aug 2003

Brent from Coogee
The Nags is a great spot for a beer. It's got a warm, rustic feel and beats the shit out of other soulless establishments near by.
10 Jun 2003

Ian from Glebe
One of the best pubs in the area. Make sure you get here on the first Friday of the month for the real ale they have on tap upstairs. Only slightly spoiled by the relentless encroachment of pokies - they've even got one upstairs now in it's own special booth. Very sad.
23 May 2003

John Kelly from Newtown
A good pub to meet with friends and have a relaxing drink
date unknown

Emmet from Dublin
A must see. The O'Hara brothers have something special going on here. I while living in Glebe for two months became very fond of this place due to the frendly nature of all the staff. On arriving in this pub for the first time Dan O'Hara noticing a strange face came over introduced himself and gave myself and our group a drink on the house. Also the locals are extremly friendly. Also try and take the opertunity of going to the estaurant the food is amazing. Enjoy!
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