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Mosman Hotel
quite swish and upmarket in the evenings. the crowd's more mixed during the day.

634 Military Road, Mosman,
North Shore

(02) 9960 6877

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (6 May 2005)

This pub used to be a good, quiet place to start before heading into the city.  But then, it introduced something which would change it forever....

...The five dollar steak.

Yep, doesn't seem too out of the ordinary, but you can guarantee that on any given night throughout the week the place is now packed to the rafters with people hoeing into a steak the size of Adam Gilchrists ears.  The crowd is a mixed bunch of Mosmanites and committed drinkers - so if you fall into one of these categories, you are bound to make a friend.

The steaks are great, as is the rest of the food, which can be eaten in the pub or in the restaraunt next door.  It's all very reasonably priced (as long as you purchase a refresher to wash it down with), and very good quality.

Apart from the food, the pub itself is actually quite small - meaning long waits for the pool table and drinks in general.  The cocktails are generally pretty good, and the wine list is also appealing. 

One last tip: try and come early to get a table - you won't have much luck after 6pm.

review by: bornslippy1984

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vesuvius from my mum
What else is there to say? $5 steaks in Mosman is somewhat akin to a parking spot in Manhattan. Grab it while you still can! The "R"ey bistro has never looked so lame.
25 Oct 2004

Dave from Mosman
Totally agree with comments below. Some of the staff are very lax and even rude. Particularly a certain Kiwi female. One way NOT to get a tip from me is to give me my change on a plate !!! Steaks are great...bring back the entertainment !!
12 Mar 2004

Pato from North Sydney
This place is Out OF Control!! The women there are also.. OUT OF CONTROL!
5 Feb 2004

Paul from Cremorne
Used to be great for pool and Jamie and Sam. Now just a sports bar with not much else. Bar staff are generally hopeless, rude and unfriendly - get some personality guys! However, the food is the best pub grub I have ever tasted - even the $5 steaks are tops. Recommend they ease up a bit on the constant sports emphasis and create a bit more atmosphere which is is lacking. The C Lounge at the Cremorne (downstairs bar) has heaps on atmosphere and is a great place to relax - can't relax at the Mosman.
19 Jan 2004

dick heds from cremorne
the steaks are always under cooked. but what can you ask for for five dollars.
13 Dec 2003

ben johnson from mosman
the staff are very lax and tend to poor a bad beer every now and then but apart from that it is a ordinary bar.
13 Dec 2003

ben johnson from mosman
the staff are very lax and tend to poor a bad beer every now and then but apart from that it is a ordinary bar.
13 Dec 2003

Is this the only pub in the Mosman-Cremorne-Neutral Bay vicinity that Socttish Dave has not been barred for life from? I can just see him now, up here every night drinking his la-di-da cocktails!
6 Aug 2003

Harold from Johnson
Would the regular patron of this establishment who insists on using my name to describe a rather explicit act PLEASE STOP! as it is proving to be quite embaressing whenever I introduce myself to anyone.
5 Aug 2003

Vikki Vale from Gotham City
Jamie & Sam rock, This venue would be much better with some batdancing
4 Aug 2003

Simon from Sydney
yeah gavin how you doing, lets start broadcasting DJ's at bush doofs
26 May 2003

PB from Sydney
Yes, Gavin It's now across the road from where th original Mosman Hotel was
24 May 2003

Gavin from Sydney
Does the pub still exist. I used to drink there in the 70's. Great spot. Then someone pulled it down. Went passed it the other day, Saw nothing. Has it changed location gavin
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