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Mona Vale Hotel
A fully featured beaches pub

cnr Park Street & Barrenjoey Road,
Mona Vale

(02) 9999 4214

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b from sydney
there are hot surfy guys.. not that many tho all from the area or abouts, i went on thursdays.. fridays might be different tho dude
19 Apr 2004

Jen from club mac
I was told by somebody's mum that this is the place to go on a friday night to meet hot surfer guys. Then someone else told me it was dodgy. Then another guy said it was good. Can someone plz tell me if there are in fact hot surfer guys that frequent this pub, and if its worth the trek from Epping?
10 Apr 2004

Adrinan Cullen from Scotland island
Ur pub smells like poo
12 Feb 2004

Monsooncat from Avalon, then London, now Cromer
It's embarrassing that this lot live between 8 to 20km apart and think they are so 'individual' that territorial abuse is required. Curious no-one has bothered actually reviewing the pub. These "locals'" comments prove Chris' point. Maybe you insular peninsulars should venture a little further from home a bit more… on second thoughts, stay where you are. As noted on this site the Nthn Bchs pubs are frustratingly thin on the ground, esp. the further Nth you go. Given MVH has little competition it is a nice place for an afternoon drink outside on the courtyard deck (no view). Food is not exceptional but they do serve up a reasonable pub menu of steaks, burgers, chicken Caesar, pasta, etc. Unfortunately Chris is right, unless you have a skin-full, bail out before the mediocre night scene kicks in. In addition, the management must be keeping its staff prisoners in the cellar at night, as this would explain their miserable dispositions.
6 Feb 2004

Jonno from Harbord
Hey casey, ur obviously a dirty local. Your part of the dregs of society. Get a life u tool.
17 Jan 2004

casey from Avalon
how the hell is around here like the campbelltown of the northern beaches?? thats the biggest load of shit i've heard! manly and dee why are heaps worse. Here's an about you don't come?
18 Dec 2003

les from kiama
if pubs got any better then it truly would be heaven, there saturday night, no aggro, just lots of beautiful the place
8 Dec 2003

Jonno from Manly
Too many dickhead locals from mona. The mona/pittwater area is full of trashy people. Its like the cambelltown of the northern beaches. Anyway all these dickheads start fights at the mona which makes the mona shit. Stay away if u have some class.
25 Nov 2003

Sarah from Palm Beach
Yeah but the whole "mona" thing is wearing thin.. its all too familiar. we need some where new... Chris from gladesville hey?? doesn't that pretty much say why you dont fit in?
17 Oct 2003

fuckavalon from Mona
ofcourse mona pub is the best!! thursdays are good but the band comp on now is pretty siiiiick!! outlier better win, least they're not some shitty ass 4 power chord blink wanna be band! see you there tonight.. oh and FUCK AVALON!!! cheers
9 Oct 2003

Chris from Gladesville
Currently the place to be seen on the beaches if you're a young sexy surfie footy thing. Unfortunately, if you're not a young sexy surfie footy thing or not a drug dealer or not already plastered, then this pub doesn't really offer much. Plenty of eye candy but the high level of testosterone is a negative.
3 Sep 2003

caru from brazil
i met my boyfriend down this pub!!! he's aussie and im brazilian.... see yah!! caru.
26 Aug 2003

Av cats from Avalon
Best Pub on the beaches! Awsome atmosphere with an awsome crew of ppl =)
14 Aug 2003

eyez from avalon
Mona pub has the hottest girlys around!!!!
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Our Comments

Jason says:

We would have reviewed this on 6 April 2003, however no-one replied to our email the previous monday.

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