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Irish through and through

25 George Street,
The Rocks

(02) 9247 3570

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Now this is an Irish Bar. In the small snug in the left hand section of the building you do actually feel like you're in an Irish pub. Our barman was a chatty lad from Southern Ireland, fresh off the plane a couple of weeks earlier and with a great enthusiasm. We chatted away about this and that and had the temperature outside not been quite so high I could almost have forgotten I was in Sydney. Back in the main part of the pub, it was packed as ever it is on a Friday, with overspill snaking out onto the street, as diverse a mixture as you'll see in the Rocks. Everyone was enjoying the Craic and much Guinness flowed. Cheers!
review by: pubguide staff

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Jack from Ireland
Good Irish pub with excellent bands on the weekends, had some deadly sessions on the weekends there, best Guinness there too!!!!
21 Jun 2004

Alan from Ireland
Best pub around for anyone away from home, staff friendly as, bands are class, crack is mighty, WHAT MORE DA'WANT!!!
7 Jun 2004

Mark oakley from Centennial park
i like this pub but the only problem is they only sell Guinness in schooner glasses but still charge for a pint plus its crap guinness. Go there for the music and a laugh with mates but stay away from the Guinness
30 May 2004

Jonas Hartzler from Illinois, USA
A great place to watch a game and a great location. One of the best places to spend all night if you have the time.
1 May 2004

Mossy from Waterford
nice one boy!
29 Jan 2004

James from Sydney
This is by far the best pub in Sydney. No questions asked. Best music, Irish women and beer. No arguments. If you want a great time, go here.
8 Dec 2003

Jamie Booth from HMS Nottingham
Our ship ran aground last year. Me and Rab lived there for weeks. Fantastic music and sexy ladies. Highly recommended by the Royal Navy!
27 Nov 2003

Louisa from Nth Sydney
Most memories are of a Tuesday night not to long ago, dancing on the celler doors and managing to crack a sweat. Great music, a bit tight, but well worth it!! sweeeet
16 Oct 2003

Simon from Ibstock, UK
Best pub by far in The Rocks area. Best visited on a Sunday afternoon for some classic Irish bands & jigging. EXCELLENT ATMOSPHERE
24 Sep 2003

Joan from dublin
I loved this bar. I ended up screwing two guys in the bathroom there!! Yes!!!!
26 May 2003

kate from new york
the mercantile was my favorite pub during my stay in sydney. my friends and i always had some good times there, especially on friday nights. great atmosphere. i will be stopping by when i come back to sydney.
date unknown

naithin from belfast
a crackin pub and good memories!
date unknown

jocellyn from sydney
great place. the guys behind the bar are sooooo hot, except the managers.
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Food: menu available - though Friday nights are often too busy to get a seatIrish:
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