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Mean Fiddler
Another contender for Sydney's best Irish Pub

Cnr Commercial & Windsor Roads,
Rouse Hill

(02) 9629 4811
(02) 9629 4311

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Peter from Hornsby
Since the changes, the meals are great (although bring a jacket, cause sitting outside can be mighty cool in winter), although unfortunately the dance floor is particularly smokey as cigarette addicted patrons desperately cling onto their hopeless addiction. Being out west it attracts some very nice down-to-earth girls as well as the usual rabble..
4 Aug 2005

Pro from Hills
AH that age old question...where to tonight boys??? Either the fiddles or the tav and ive never been disappointed with either. Pulled every time ive been at the fiddles and there is plenty of room to party on. Only problem....closes too early. Ah well we'll go to the tav then.
17 May 2004

Irish Stud from Castle Hill
Good place to be on weekdays. Weekends the kids come out...gosh i wish they would just stay home ...but overall a good place to drink and chat.
27 Feb 2004

Erin from Glenhaven
This place ROCKS! I'm a proud regular who's out there most Friday and Sat night! Friday is very much a teenybopper night and Saturday is an older more mature crowd. The staff are excellent! Very friendly and great to hang out with! It's definately a great pub to hang out for....and totally goes off on St Pats Day!
25 Feb 2004

Jepser Neilsen from Castle Hill
Good pub, average prices. Friday nights the place is full of young 18 hotheads who think there all that. Saturday nights its a slightly older crowd (by older i mean over 20!) and a much better night. Live music could be better. They tend to play some resonable live rock but after an all too brief session they change to crappy dance music from the 70's to 90's. Good pub apart from that.
8 Jan 2004

Dod from Finches Place
Great place in summer, goes off out in the garden, band of late have been terrible (in and out), who the hell are the Sugakats???
27 Dec 2003

Luke from Windsor
The bands/duos that play alot are taking the piss, start late, are BAD, and take 45 minute breaks. i want to hear good music.
9 Dec 2003

Noni from Sydney
The people there Rock! especially Kathleen
28 Oct 2003

Rainman from Coogee
I wish I could of turned my clock foward more so that AM2PM would of finished before they started. They are ANNOYING with a capital F*&K-OFF
25 Oct 2003

Sambelina from Hills District
I'm a proud regular with Loubelina, must agree Fiddler's a great place on the weeknights, just a bit too teeny-boppery on the weekends for our liking. Yet, each to his own, still a good place to chill on a Sunday afternoon-- Mrs Tuite, U ROCK!!!!
9 Oct 2003

Daisy from Windsor
It Bets the leagues club on a Friday, but you must really loose "Family Von Crap'. and 'Hum Dunga's'. The road is frustrating in now, but the place still rocks.
8 Oct 2003

Loubelina from Hills District
I am a proud regular... altho I hate to admitting Friday & Saturday nites the Fiddler becomes a Castle Hill Tavern/meat market impersonation - very very tragic... thursday nites are the best: no sluts, no sleezes, no horrid pick lines, no 'too cool for school's' just my buddies and I playing our own game of pool. A warning for the visiting city folk - if ur driving prepare to park in dust and mud... BRING BACK MICHAEL & LUCAS!!!!!!
2 Oct 2003

Andrew from Sydney
I love this pub. Great atmosphere, plenty of room and it needs it because the crowd it gets is huge on the weekend. Live music, good food and crowds of good looking patrons. The only prob is that it is a bit out of the way and the cops are plentiful on the roads.
8 Aug 2003

A from Sydney
Been there twice, its a top place for going with a big group - long tables, plenty of room to mingle. Found the crowd a bit young a few Fridays ago though, no complaints otherwise!
4 Aug 2003

Renee from Parramatta
The Fiddler is a great pub. Great food, wonderful atmosphere and great music. Rug up if you go in winter though, it's bloody cold in the beer garden even with all the gas heaters they have!!!
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Food: Well rated by Cheap Eats 2002Irish: Irish Echo's 2002 Best Irish PubQuiz Night: Monday Night is Trivia Night
Live Music: Live Music all week, excluding Monday
Our Comments

Jason says:

It's one of the most awarded pubs in Sydney, and we're looking forward to getting out there for a Guinness or two!

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