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Martin Place Bar
A great new venue

Martin Place,

(02) 9231 5575
(02) 9231 5570

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Brand spanking new - Martin Place Bar has been around for a blink of an eye on the scale of things, but it's already making a mark, and we like it. Right opposite the rather upmarket Mint Bar, it's ostensibly competing for the same crowd, but MPB is far more friendly.

The music from inside is piped into Martin Place. you get an idea of what you're in for. the long bar is all chrome and wood, as seems to be de rigeur for bars these days. The selection is wide (the variety of bottles on the bar shelves is testament to that) and tonight it's not too crowded (early in the week, and the place is not that well known yet), but weekends are apparently 'wedged'.

A couple of beers and a chat with one of the owners and we ascertain a few facts.

1. There's an entertainment licence in the pipeline
2. The bar has strong industry support, so promotional nights may be likely
3. It's run by some great blokes

I was so taken with it that it may well become the new friday night after work spot. If it doesn't get *too* busy, that is.
review by: pubguide staff

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Haydo from Tasmania
There has got to be more to life than just being really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking.
1 Dec 2004

Big Fella from SW Surry Hills
I'll have a 'schmiddy' of Stella waiting for you Hugh!
8 Jun 2004

Hugh Jarms from Gymnasia
See you there from 7:30ish?
8 Jun 2004

John from Sydney
A great bar, good atmosphere & crowd, though the bathroom was a terrible mess with blocked toilets and filthy floors.
22 May 2004

G from Roseville
Saturday Went Crazy, Will Be Back next week. 5 star for sure.
15 Mar 2004

Package from Sydney
See you there at 12.30pm Doctor?
22 Dec 2003

Kieran from Darling Point
Two Thumbs up. Friendly staff, good design. Someones finally found a use for Martin Place other than Anzac Day.
10 Dec 2003

Jeoung from Double Bay
I love to get on down after a long day serving Sushi at this place. The Japanese Slippers go off!!!
date unknown

Old Mate from Point Piper
A great place to pick up and enjoy a night on the turps! I love the pumping tunes played on a Fridee Nite - Awesome Dude!
date unknown

Sonia from London
Finally a bar that gets it right! A great atmosphere in the center of the City! Be sure to check out the 2 for 1 cocktails on a Tuesday night, they'll leave you hungry for more!
date unknown

Kristie from Texas
Awesome bar with great drinks (ask for the caprioska/cosmo by Adam - UNREAL!!) Great tunes everynight and atmostphere is spot on. Great place to meet up with mates for drinks and maybe a few late night mooves.
date unknown

Adam from Broadway
It turns out that the same place I had enjoyed a very nice breakfast at also turned out to be where I also enjoyed many nice ale's that evening. MPB- Multi-functional, Party Building
date unknown

Corey from Carlingford
Great Place.
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Food: good food, good prices for the CBDOutdoor Area: there's a 'patio' area round to the left, in a bit of a canyon
Our Comments

Jason says:

A fresh pub, and one my route home too! nice.

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