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Originally, a potentially good review spoiled. Luckily, things improved on later visits

cnr Chalmers and Devonshire Streets,
Strawberry Hills

(02) 9211 1612
(02) 9211 5453 /

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After moving to Sydney seven months ago having lived on the Gold Coast for the past eight years, I needed to find a new local and fast! The Madison was our first stop - looked good, bar area and pool area (away from pokies - which I love, but not ALL the time).

Unfortunately, being a girl and needing to use the ladies, I had to give up the Maddo. After waiting 25 minutes (on various visits) and eventually having to use the mens out of desperation, I won't go there anymore. The staff were really bitchy when I asked to use the toilets upstairs. They only have one ladies toliet downstairs and junkies are always in it (hence the blue light bathroom over the road at the Royal Exhibition) - not so at the Maddo!

Atmosphere good but staff rude beyond belief. Don't talk to you while serving (but talk to each other) and always looking pained. I'd be suprised if any of them have ever smiled in their life. Pub with great potential, good pool tables, pokies round the back if you feel like a slap, good jukebox music too - but for me - I ain't going to spend my hard earned cash to pay the wages of a bunch of assholes - end of story!

review by: DirtyRedFox

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Cal from Ireland
This bar is wild. God knows who you will run into. The place is full of nuts, but that is the attraction. The staff are really rude - only acknowledged me after a few years of drinking there. Maybe that was because you had to be careful of who you looked at there. The only pub in Aus where I ended up in a fight! Still great pool. Friday nights are good fun. If you go on saturday make it around three a.m. its quite in there earlier.
20 Jan 2005

Bullpit Billie from Darlington
The reviewer nailed it bigtime. Its rare to come accross staffing as bad as this. This place is a life support system for the pokie room. When the "Staff" arent ignoring you they are busily chatting on mobiles, sms'ing or talking to their own little friends. The last time this place had any charactor or service ethic was when I last visited it in 1993 and it will be as many years before I return. We had the misfortune to be around when the "Boss" showed up and the ass-licking she got from the staff was pornographic . . . . . and now we know where the staff attitude to non-punting patrons comes from dont we . . . !!!!!!
8 Jan 2005

kieran from same palce in the last post, be gorra
arthur, remember the bloke. didn't he used to stand on the pool tables saying "i'm a golden god!!!" and counld't remember where his feet where!!
30 Jan 2004

kieran from ireland be gorra
good pub, do they still have the free cheese and biscuits at the bar,and lunatics singing new york new york!like me
30 Jan 2004

lauren from ultimo
Great pub... quickly turning into our local
10 Oct 2003

The Grim Youths from Bronte & Five Dock
This is and always will be our original HQ. Love always.
date unknown

Arthur from Blighty
Had the best time in this place from 5/01 till 3/02 Best bar in Sydney great mix of people and great staff, comes into it's own at about three a.m. Do yourselves a favour and go back again!
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24Hr: all night drinking
Our Comments

Jason says:

It's a real shame our first review visit was spoiled by surly staff. The place is obviously a popular spot.


Jason says:

We've tried the Pizzas - very good - similar to what you'd get at The Australian

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